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The Romance of Tea

The romance of tea is unmistakable. Whether it is a special Valentine’s Day teatime with your loved one or just a special tea moment all to yourself. Or maybe a special tea (some vendors offer flavored teas as “romance tea”). But also, the romance of tea is its appeal, the way it draws in your attention and captures your imagination. This has been true for thousands of years. You might think of it as a “love affair with the leaf.” Continue reading The Romance of Tea


Tea for Two Extravaganza for Valentine’s Day!

On Valentine’s Day, the number 2 has special significance. It’s usually a couple in love. But that twosome can also be a mother and daughter, a father and daughter, or other combinations. And your Valentine’s Day tea can include more than just two. You can have a group of your friends, or your whole family, or the folks from your place of work. The focus here, though, is on that most cozy and romantic arrangement of tea for two. Continue reading Tea for Two Extravaganza for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Pets – Can They Get Any Cuter?

From stuffed bears holding hearts to kitties being posed (or even caught in a very natural position) for that contender of “cutest Valentine pets ever photo,” animals definitely get into the act during this LOVEly time of the year. Even when dressed in some very silly outfits and obviously looking like they’d rather be in a galaxy far, far away, these critters are nevertheless becoming a highlight of the Valentine season. The big question: Can they get any cuter? I think not, but If you have a photo cuter than these, please feel free to share. Continue reading Valentine Pets – Can They Get Any Cuter?

Valentine’s Day Tips for You Humans

Your lovable friendly teapot here to give you humans some advice for a great Valentine’s Day. It’s a time when you show your special loved one just how much you care. And saying “I love you” with tea is even better. TOOOT!  Continue reading Valentine’s Day Tips for You Humans

Your Guide to Traditional British Desserts for Tea Time

With the approach of Valentine’s Day, your thoughts might turn to something sweet for your sweetie, especially if you are planning a “tea time for two”! So, here is your guide to traditional British Desserts for tea time. Choose the one you think says, “I love you.” Many are easy to prepare and suit even the American palate. Continue reading Your Guide to Traditional British Desserts for Tea Time

Valentine Delight with “Sky Between the Branches”

Another teapot member of our Tea Gang here is Little Cast Iron Teapot. He’s sturdy, reliable, and easy to handle, but my humans have been going for the gaiwans and smaller members of the teapot section of the gang for steeping their green teas. However, this is a very special “tea date” tea time with him treating one of the pewter teacups that my humans’ friends sent them as a housewarming gift a year or so ago. The cup is inscribed with a very important word: “Liberty.” A liberating tea was therefore needed. “Sky Between the Branches” seemed the right choice here. On with the steeping…TOOOOT! Continue reading Valentine Delight with “Sky Between the Branches”

Valentine Double-Date with “Milk Oolong” from The Republic of Tea

Time for another Valentine “tea date” – and this one is a double-date! That wonderful team of “Tiny Teapot” and “Chuck the Chahai” doubled up with two special sipping cups just right for oolongs. So what better tea to enjoy here than an oolong? Specifically, “Tiny” steeped up some Milk Oolong from The Republic of Tea. Let us say that it was a heartfelt experience. And, of course, we had to serve it up to our humans on a heart-shaped tray with our Chinese forever know nearby to show our wish for their eternal love. TOOOOT!

WiT_ValTea_RofTMilkOolong1We’ve steeped up quite a few oolongs over the years, the Tea Gang and I, and they have run the gamut from “Bleh!” to “Holey Moley!” This one was just a few shades short of the latter. You get an aromatic impact of fruit aroma (natural, not added) when you pop open the tin (another tin that was not full to the top, so there was flavor robbing air inside…sigh!). My humans boiled water, added some of the lovely tea nuggets into “Tiny,” poured in the water, and let him steep away for 6 minutes. Then they strained the liquid into “Chuck” who served it into the waiting sipper cups. The flavor, as my humans reported to me, was coconut/pineapple with slight vegetal undertones and tended to linger. It also had a rather smooth mouthfeel that is not surprising in a milk oolong. I’m thinking that more “tea dates” lie ahead for this foursome and my two humans.

Disclaimer: all items were furnished by the vendor but all opinions expressed here are totally unbiased.

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A Beautiful Valentine’ Day Rose from the Bestest Hubby (and Tea Helper)

Hubby has been a willing part of this tea adventure. He loves trying the various tea samples and setting up the photo shoots as much as I do. What could be better? How about surprising me with this beautiful rose for Valentine’s Day? Yep, he did. A dozen roses is great, but a single rose that says I’m his special tea lady is great by me.