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The Role of Mist in Tea Flavor

You’ve probably heard often about how terroir makes a difference in a tea’s flavor. One of the components of that terroir that gets mentioned so often that there are even teas named after it is mist. So, what’s the secret? What role does mist play in tea flavor? In a word: moisture!  Continue reading The Role of Mist in Tea Flavor


Guest Post: Tea and Zen and Snow

Tea time is meant to be a time of not only rehydration for you humans but also a time to step away a little from the hustle and bustle of your day. Our guest contributor calls this “stepping away” the “Zen of Tea” and shows you how it works in this article. She also presents a slideshow that you can watch while having your own “Zen Tea Time.” TOOOT! Continue reading Guest Post: Tea and Zen and Snow

Little Yellow Teapot reports: Taylors of Harrogate Assam Tea

Weekends can be a bit dull for my humans when the skies are gray and a drizzling Winter rain goes on all day long. But I cheer them up with tasty tea! They bought a box of loose leaf Assam tea at a tea room about three years ago and finally decided to open it. What a thrill to try a new tea! The results were rather, well, less than exciting, as I will soon show. #TOOOT! Continue reading Little Yellow Teapot reports: Taylors of Harrogate Assam Tea

Highlights of 2018 and Tea Resolutions for 2019!

Another year has almost wrapped up. It’s been a year of great tea adventures for this little teapot and his humans, and hopefully for all you dear tea loving humans out there. We do our best to help you enjoy that versatile and tasty beverage. We promise to continue doing so in the year ahead. TOOOT! Continue reading Highlights of 2018 and Tea Resolutions for 2019!

Curing Your Winter Doldrums with Tea

There are many tea drinking humans dedicated to enjoying only the most fresh, new teas, often only the single garden kind. It’s great to be so specific in your tea tastes, but it does pose a problem: Winter. Never fear, this knowledgeable little teapot is here. TOOOT! Continue reading Curing Your Winter Doldrums with Tea

A Cozy Recipe for Halloween Tea Wontons

The Cozy Couple enjoy holidays, a time for special treats and cozy settings. Here’s a fave recipe for Halloween.

With the holiday season coming and so many get-togethers sure to arise, the questions are: what to make? what to bring? This simple tea recipe is sure to fit the theme for Halloween, the first of many holiday parties to come. With its green filling and orange dipping sauce as well as delicious flavor, you can’t go wrong. Continue reading A Cozy Recipe for Halloween Tea Wontons

Adjust to the Seasonal Time Change with Tea

Getting ready to set our clocks back for one hour. It’s that seasonal time change we undergo twice a year. If you’re like my humans, it can take a few days to adjust so that you don’t automatically wake up an hour earlier than you should (your internal clock will say it’s 7 a.m. while your clock now reads 6 a.m.) or get sleepy an hour earlier than your usual bedtime (the clock will say 10 p.m., but your body will say it’s 11 p.m.). Plus, those of you used to having your Elevenses Tea Time (at 11 a.m.) and your Afternoon Tea (at 4 p.m.) will find yourselves wanting tea at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. respectively. Tea can definitely help you make this adjustment to the seasonal time change, though. This little teapot will show you how. Continue reading Adjust to the Seasonal Time Change with Tea

Christopher Columbus and Tea

Note: Every year I like to move this up in the post listing to be sure it stays fresh.

Right on cue, about two weeks before the official Columbus Day here in the U.S., the call to replace that day with “Indigenous Peoples Day” rose loud and clear. While this site does its best to refrain from anything even slightly political, being of partial “indigenous” ancestry, we thought a few words here were in order. And of course, since this site is focused on tea and all things related, we had to mention a word or two on that side of things as well. Cheers and happy reading. Continue reading Christopher Columbus and Tea

Companies That Started as Tea Sellers

When you see the words “Tea Company” in a company’s name, you naturally assume that they primarily sell tea. Right? Well, it turns out that they may have started that way but quickly expanded to other foods, beverages, etc. In fact, a couple of them grew into nationwide chains. Let this little teapot introduce you. TOOOT! Continue reading Companies That Started as Tea Sellers

Tea and Chrysanthemums

Awhile back my ‘she’ human wrote a whole slew of poems about tea and other things such as chrysanthemums. These wonderful flowering plants are particular favorites, especially during Autumn, for inspiring her inner Muse. And they go nice with tea time! Your little teapot guide to all things tea (me!) will show you how. TOOOT! Continue reading Tea and Chrysanthemums