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3 Ways to Display Those Tea Wares in Your Home

Teapots (like me and my cousins), teacups, sugar/creamer sets, and other tea wares can tend to build up in your home. We all deserve better than to be shoved into cupboards or stacked haphazardly on shelves. We deserve to be on display where we will add to the ambience. Here are three ways to maximize that quality. TOOOT! Continue reading 3 Ways to Display Those Tea Wares in Your Home


Last Night’s Cuppa Golden Yunnan

Time to introduce Plummy which we bought from a local store called Cook’s Companion. Well, Plummy doesn’t like to be kept on the sidelines, so he spied our unopened sample of Golden Yunnan Black Tea that’s been sitting around awhile and started hopping about, demanding to be able to steep some up. (Those of you familiar with Little Yellow Teapot and his Tea Gang will be aware that our teawares are rather…well, uh…lively.) Rather than risk him hopping right off the kitchen counter, we acquiesced and were rewarded with quite a tasty cuppa.

Golden Yunnan from the Republic of Tea

Dry leaves have a rich raisiny sweetish aroma. Plummy infused them for 3 minutes in water heated to a boil. The liquid had a nice reddish brown color and a mild, smooth, malty flavor. If you want to add a little milk and sweetener, infuse for 5 minutes instead of 3 or add a bit more tea leaves to the pot than normal (about 1 teaspoon per 8 ounces of water). Of course, the right teapot also helps (I had to say that since the entire Tea Gang is peeking over my shoulder as I type, which they often do – sigh!). Definitely a great addition to our tea pantry and a great last-cup-of-the-night tea (don’t worry about caffeine – tea is naturally fairly low in this, plus the theanine calms you).

Disclaimer: all items were furnished by the vendor but all opinions expressed here are totally unbiased.

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Simplex Kettles — An Example of How NOT to Respond to a Customer Complaint

Recently, I won a tea kettle from Simplex Kettles in the UK and was quite excited — until the problems arose. I should say “problem” — singular — because as it turned out there was really only one problem. His name was Graham Tweed, CEO of Simplex Kettles. Someone that I’m sure is in person a really nice guy but who came across very differently in our email exchange regarding my “prize” kettle. So much so that hubby and I are now quite pissed off with him and the company. Continue reading Simplex Kettles — An Example of How NOT to Respond to a Customer Complaint

My New Glass Gaiwan

Recently, I received a great tea steeping vessel: a glass gaiwan! It’s a little steeping bowl with a saucer and lid. They can range in size from 100-230 ml or 150-250cc, and not all of them have saucers. In fact, quite a variety are now on the market. This one, though, was classic in design. Continue reading My New Glass Gaiwan

Putting Your Tea Kettle “Out to Pasture”

Even the best tea kettles sooner or later outlive their ability to perform their intended function of heating your water for tea. Just part of the natural order of things. There’s an idea in someone’s mind (“I need something in which to heat my water”). A designer comes up with a solution. A prototype is made and tested. A manufacturer sets up the machinery to make it, thus keeping it affordable. Then, some Marketing guru gets people to wonder how they ever lived without it. You buy it, use it, love it. It eventually wears out and is replaced. Continue reading Putting Your Tea Kettle “Out to Pasture”

Trying a BIG Steeping Glass

I happened to remark on Twitter a few days ago that the travel mug design was not something I could recommend. My main reason: It looked too small. After all, it’s meant for traveling. That means road trips, morning commutes, etc. The morning commute, though, could be fraught with such hazards as road construction that necessitates a detour and adds 15-20 minutes to your travel time or a major accident on the road ahead of you where you end up having to sit for 30-60 minutes while the poor victims are taken away by the EMS crew and the vehicles involved are moved out of the way. (Both have happened to me a number of times.) Continue reading Trying a BIG Steeping Glass