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Recipes for Sweet Tea Food Pairings

Updated 15 June 2019.

With the heat of Summer beating down, tea has taken a turn to the cold varieties. Tea parties can be done with both hot and cold tea. Just imagine close friends, the sun shining, a slight Summer breeze and a cup of ice cold sweet tea to embrace the conversation. Accompanied of course by wonderful finger sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberries. Continue reading Recipes for Sweet Tea Food Pairings


Recipe for Slow Cooker Tea Pulled Pork BBQ

Happy First Day of Summer!

With barbecue season in full swing, but not always enough time to break out the charcoal and get a fire started, this recipe will make your day. Enjoy all of the wonderful barbecue flavor with very little effort. Better still, this classic is infused with the wonderful flavors of pu-erh and golden needle black teas. Continue reading Recipe for Slow Cooker Tea Pulled Pork BBQ

Summer Tea Line-up

While you humans in the Southern Hemisphere of our globe pull out your Winter teas, those of us (humans and teapots alike) in the Northern Hemisphere seek teas that are more soothing for those hot days ahead. That Summer tea line-up will be essential for your daily comfort. Your little teapot is here with some tips for the best teas to enjoy. TOOOT! Continue reading Summer Tea Line-up

Cozy Ramblings #1

The Cozy Couple keeps you cozy, even in Summer!

A cozy mindset is when we best reflect on various aspects of life. Sit back, relax, and join in with us by reading through our ramblings resulting from letting our minds wander, and feel free to share some of your thoughts in the comments below.

 Winding Down Summer – Our front porch is open, not screened, so using it in the hot days of Summer is tricky. If we go out early in the morning or wait until the twilight of the evening when temperatures are more tolerable, we have to deal with pesky bugs who know that trick, too. But as Summer is winding down and therefore some relatively cooler and less humid days are upon us, we can dare to get cozy in our chairs on the front porch and enjoy the birds flitting about, wave to neighbors walking (or jogging) by, and listen to distant sounds of traffic in our small town (yes, we have a stoplight or two).

Front porches can be more like a room, whether they are screened in or not.

Solar Eclipse Madness – A total solar eclipse path went across the U.S. on August 21st this year. Preparations for viewing started slowly a few months prior and reached a fever pitch on the day before, with people scrambling to buy special glasses for viewing the event safely. Some folks set up cameras (equipped with special lenses so they didn’t burn out the delicate electronics) and captured that great moment photographically. A guy from Minnesota traveled to Chapman, Nebraska, to see the full eclipse and photograph it. Here they are (as seen on his Facebook page) in an animated gif to let you experience the eclipse for yourself in a safe and lasting way

An amateur photographer traveled to Chapman, Nebraska, for these wonderful photos of the solar eclipse 2017!


Good Books for Cozy Moments – A few good books will help you feel cozy. The elements we feel will qualify a book for such an occasion: an interesting plot, good writing that is clear with a minimum of typos, characters that you can care about (if a total louse gets drowned in a pond, you probably won’t care much), and an ending that satisfies (for a mystery such a those by Dorothy Sayers, that means not being predictable yet being believable and in line with the clues in the book).

We found this book in the box of books someone had donated to the local library. A true gem! Sayers is a favorite author of ours for mysteries.

What are your thoughts on being cozy? Let us know in the comments!

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Enjoying Tea on a Cloudy Summer Day

Hey, tea loving humans, Summer time is here in the Northern Hemisphere. That usually means days filled with plenty of sunshine — great weather for enjoying a tall, cold glass of chilled (iced) tea. However, we do get our share of cloudy days where heat and humidity collide in a dramatic display — sudden, intense downpours accompanied by theatrical thunder and lightning. Other times these clouds just hang over the area casting a damper on everyone’s mood. Not in our house, though. Continue reading Enjoying Tea on a Cloudy Summer Day

Recipes for Sweet TEAcicles

Summer is on a roll, and even though kids are heading back to school, Summer has more than a month left, according to the calendar. So plenty of time to enjoy this delicious and healthy cooling treat! Continue reading Recipes for Sweet TEAcicles

How to Relish the Last Hurrahs of Summer with Tea

Some parts of the U.S. have seen unseasonably cool temperatures. And too much rain. And flooding. With such events going on, some of us are prompted to relish the last hurrahs of Summer with some suitable tea moments. Your fave little teapot is here to show you how. Continue reading How to Relish the Last Hurrahs of Summer with Tea

Summer Solstice and Tea

Woohoo! It’s Summer Solstice time once again! Even though the unofficial start of Summer is the Memorial Day Weekend, this is the official start – the day that marks the longest day and shortest night here in the Northern hemisphere (and the reverse for the Southern hemisphere). So, how does this affect your tea drinking, if at all? Two words: iced tea. TOOOT! Continue reading Summer Solstice and Tea

Tea and the Oscillating Fan

Tea time can get reflective, with memories of days gone by flooding into your consciousness. Childhood is often the source of those memories. And for some of you the changes made over time in technology make those memories even more significant, contrasting your lives now with how they were then. Here is an example, involving an oscillating fan. Continue reading Tea and the Oscillating Fan

The Sweet Tea Debate Heats Up

For those of you who haven’t heard by now, a tea concoction popular in southern states of the U.S. is “sweet tea.” And that has sparked a debate among tea drinkers over whether tea should be served iced and sweetened or not. This debate heats up as the weather does. Some avid tea drinkers don’t go much for iced tea or chilled tea, claiming that the flavor of delicate teas (such as most white teas) gets distorted or lost altogether when they are cold. Some also find the version of cold tea called “Sweet Tea” to be a set-your-teeth-on-edge mouthful of syrupy, cloying sweetness. Time to take a closer look at the issues. Continue reading The Sweet Tea Debate Heats Up