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Follow the Teapot! TOOOT!

Our site has grown so much over the past years. And it has changed, too, including moving from another blogging platform to here. We want it to continue to grow, and so we ask your help. TOOOT! Continue reading Follow the Teapot! TOOOT!


World Tea Portal Now Part of This Site and Growing

As I have always said, dear humans, the more you learn about tea, the more you enjoy your tea. And it will also very likely lead you to be bold and explore more teas.

The World Tea Portal is a natural development from our years of helping you in this learning process. You’ve learned. Now, it’s time to go shopping. But where? The Portal of course!

Once this idea occurred to me and my humans, we began work, setting up the Portal as a totally separate site. But there is so much good info on here that relates to the teas listed for sale and the tea sellers that we thought you would find it easier to have everything in one place. Most info has been moved over to here from that site, and a lot of additions have been made.

We want to draw your particular attention to some often overlooked areas of the tea-growing community:

Things aren’t complete, but then this is intended to be an ongoing project and so will be updated continually and as time permits (that means in-between, and even while, enjoying pots of hot tasty tea!).

We hope you will take time to check them out. TOOOT!

Please note: the links are provided for your benefit. We do not sell directly so that we can keep this site free to you and us. We also do not get compensated from the various tea sellers. Some send us tea samples, but that is usually a “Thank you” and done AFTER their listing has been posted.

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Hi, humans, this site is under my editorial excellence. I, your lovable and sassy Little Yellow Teapot, authors articles on tea, etc., and edit the occasional guest article. All in the interest of helping you humans have a better tea experience. TOOOT!


Starting Off the New Year With Great Tea Info

Hello, dear tea loving humans. Your fave little teapot here to share the joy of tea. The New Year is just getting started. Plenty of time to beef up your tea knowledge, dear humans, with our selection of guides. TOOOT! Continue reading Starting Off the New Year With Great Tea Info

How Our Japanese Tea Guide Came to Be

Our guides to Japanese teas and tea plants were posted on the Guides section of this site after many months of work (on and off while we dealt with other things, such as trying tea samples received from various vendors). Since they were posted we have gotten comments on social media like “Gee, you’re not Japanese, so how can you dare to post something like this?” or “There are so many sites already about Japanese teas, so why do this?” and the occasional “Good work!” To you all, we say this… Continue reading How Our Japanese Tea Guide Came to Be

5 Reasons to Learn More About Tea

[First, a moment of silence for those who lost their lives on this date 14 years ago.]

There are many reasons to learn more about tea, but to keep things simple I have selected 5 reasons that seem the most important, at least to me. This was spurred by a blogger named Hannah, who connected with me through Facebook, and I was thrilled, that is, until today. I woke up to a very disappointing message. Sadly, Hannah told me that she doesn’t want info about tea, just mindless enjoyment. Sorry to hear it. Tea is a wonderful subject to study and know more about. I am committed through this blog and my social media accounts to spread the joy of tea knowledge. So, here goes…

1 Telling truly good teas from bad

So much to learn about tea!
So much to learn about tea!

There is a lot of fakery going on out there, so being informed helps you make better purchases. Over the years I have written on this topic for various tea blogs, and it’s one that never hurts to be repeated. But telling fakes is just part of the picture. There are various versions of Silver Needle out there now, so how do you know which is the good one? And price is not an indicator. This is where tea reviews are supposed to come in, but…

2 Sort the good reviews from the bad

There is a lot of tea out there, and lots of tea vendors sending out samples to people like Hannah with only one goal: get a link on that blog back to their store site and improve their page rank so they show up better in search results. So tea reviews these days are pretty useless overall. And when they are written by someone who is just saying that it tastes good or bad or that it inspired a poem, they are even harmful, causing you to miss out on a truly good tea, which leads me to…

3 Getting more from the tea you buy

Fine teas are often very delicate and need to be prepared just so to get the best flavors from them. When I started writing about and reviewing teas, I did my utmost to learn about a tea before trying the sample of it. This helped me prepare it properly and also to learn other factors, such as water quality and steeping vessel, that affect taste. It’s how I learned that the same leaves can be infused several times. And it led me to…

4 Telling the hype from the truth

Today, tea seems to be mostly about hype. And much of this is meant to be emotional, not sensible. Verdant Tea is a prime example. They suck in customers with a big tug to the heart strings. But is the tea really any good? And how much did they really pay to the tea farmers. Not picking on them, but I needed a good example, and they were the most recent site I have seen like this. It takes a lot to earn a dollar these days, and when we spend them, we should know that we are getting something truly worth that dollar. Of course, you may also want to help others, etc., but some vendors think that is all they need to do – get you thinking you are helping someone, whether it’s poor tea farmers or donating profits to some local food co-op. I prefer to buy good tea and donate directly to that charity and support tea farmers in other ways, such as this blog and social media, which leads to…

5 Helping others learn more about tea!

That is my goal. I firmly believe that knowledge enhances enjoyment. It has certainly worked for me. And knowing about how tea is grown, who does it, etc., helps you avoid the wild claims and zero in on the true areas where you can help, if so inclined. I hope you will share my articles here and write your own.

Your thoughts and comments always welcome (I have to monitor them to avoid spam).

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3 Reasons Tea Liquid Color Matters

by Little Yellow Teapot (a tea steeping marvel and occasional contributing author)

Your fave little teapot here. Recently, my humans put this collage together of tea in teacups (some photos they took for a client’s store site) and I posted it on my Facebook page to see if any of you humans out there could tell which is which. Of course, it is virtually impossible. TOOOT!

10greenteas Continue reading 3 Reasons Tea Liquid Color Matters

The Claude Monet Approach to Tea

What do Claude Monet and tea lovers have in common? Read on to find out!

On his deathbed (or so I’ve heard……wasn’t actually there) Claude Monet, father of a school of art called Impressionism, was supposed to have said, “I am just beginning to understand painting.” Well, something like that. Those aren’t his exact words (which would have been French, not English), but you get the gist. And he was rather old when he said it, had been painting most of his life, and was world famous by then.

Tea lovers are like that, too. You can spend a lifetime learning about tea, growing tea, and still learn something new, ending up at the last breath acknowledging, as Monet did, that you are just beginning to understand it (tea, that is, not painting). I certainly felt that way the other day when learning about banjhi, a period of rest between periods of tea plant growth. Just when I thought I was getting pretty comfortable with my level of tea knowledge…sigh!

A real learning experience: samples of Thai oolongs from Thomas Kasper of SiamTees.com
A real learning experience: samples of Thai oolongs from SiamTees.

Just as Claude Monet kept painting and painting and painting and observing and painting, always astounding viewers at the painting exhibitions, so I want to keep steeping and infusing and trying and learning about tea and encourage you to do the same. It can be so tempting to stick with a favorite tea. Or you could say that you don’t have time or can’t afford it. However, time is there for anything that is really important to you, and a lot of tea vendors offer a limited number of free or low cost samples.

The important thing is never to give up. And never stop learning!

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