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Sleep Time “Teas” That Are Not Teas

The use of the word “tea” to apply to just about any plant matter that gets infused, steeped, brewed, decocted, or even stewed in water (hot, cold, or in-between) has long been a bone of contention here at The World Is a Tea Party. An article posted on one of those “article mill” sites (where unvetted authors expound on various topics at great length since they are often paid by the word) brought the matter back to our attention and in such an egregious manner that nothing would suffice but a prompt and detailed refutation of claims made in the article as well as once again re-iterating why “tea” should refer only to those beverages made from leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant family. (In addition, we discovered some scary facts about those “healthy” herbal mixes. And in all fairness, this article is just one of many marching to the same “sleep time tea” drumbeat, and these three products are just a few of what’s out there.) Continue reading Sleep Time “Teas” That Are Not Teas


The Sweet Tea Debate Heats Up

For those of you who haven’t heard by now, a tea concoction popular in southern states of the U.S. is “sweet tea.” And that has sparked a debate among tea drinkers over whether tea should be served iced and sweetened or not. This debate heats up as the weather does. Some avid tea drinkers don’t go much for iced tea or chilled tea, claiming that the flavor of delicate teas (such as most white teas) gets distorted or lost altogether when they are cold. Some also find the version of cold tea called “Sweet Tea” to be a set-your-teeth-on-edge mouthful of syrupy, cloying sweetness. Time to take a closer look at the issues. Continue reading The Sweet Tea Debate Heats Up

Collectible Wedgwood

July 12, 1730, was the birthday of Josiah Wedgwood, as one clever person on Twitter posted. It brought to mind this exploration into the wonders of the company he founded (and that still thrives today) that we did a few years ago. We’ve added a lot of additional collectible photos here, though. Happy reading and viewing! Continue reading Collectible Wedgwood

Tea Tuesday: Strong Hot Tea Even in Summer

Tea strength preferences vary from tea drinker to tea drinker, with some liking a lighter taste in their tea and others liking that stronger one. Some are driven by the season. In hot weather, a lot of folks here in the U.S. go for teas with a lighter taste served over ice and often heavily sweetened. In cooler weather or when those Summer storms erupt, we might huddle indoors and sip strong hot tea from a mug held in both hands to warm them. But some go for that strong hot tea for the quick jolt it can give even in hot weather. Sounds great! Continue reading Tea Tuesday: Strong Hot Tea Even in Summer

Little Yellow Teapot Reports: Teapots Are Ticklish – Clean with Care!

by Little Yellow Teapot (a tea steeping marvel and occasional contributing author)

Few of you humans know this, but we teapots are a ticklish lot! This truism came to mind one day when I, your fave little teapot, and my gang of teapots here in the kitchen saw a diagram of our basic anatomical structure by the kind folks at A.C. Silver. It’s a handy guide, also, for how to handle your teapot with the least amount of tickling. Continue reading Little Yellow Teapot Reports: Teapots Are Ticklish – Clean with Care!