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Great Times at Another Foodex in Japan!

It was an extraordinary year as the 104-day-long strike in Darjeeling last year left a question unanswered as to what will happen to quality in new season which never had a precedence.

We took to Foodex in Japan nine teas of pre-spring flush harvested from January onwards from Jungpana, Goomtee, Glenburn, Giddapahar, Poobong, Rohini, Avongrove, Selim Hill, and Upper Fagu – representing a range from high to low elevation and quality which only is possible in late March, and we arrived in Japan on 5th March and had a great excitement in our heart as to what reactions we will be having from best Darjeeling tea lovers in the world.

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Day one opened on 6th morning which so quickly vanished into 10th evening when we wound up the booth and packed up the bags after Chitose san’s party in a fashionable downtown Tokyo restaurant and we never finished hearing kire or arigatao guzaimasta as the tea swirling down the throats of beautiful ladies was simply wonderful.
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On the heals following was 24th February produced Doke black fusion which went so well with Yokohama beef as the final course of the tea party. Dolly was rewarded promptly a trip to Yibin immediately to present herself her tea on the booth to be attended by the international tea community during 17-19th March 3rd International Tea Conference organised by China Chambers of Commerce.

Such are the wonderful ways of the tea world and we are here to serve the consumers with some of the best teas from India.

Rajiv Lochan 老罗
Lochan Tea Limited

Doke Tea Garden Working on Buddha’s Own Tea

It was in 1998 that a socioeconomic problem attracted tea planting in a parched land of Bihar near the conventional tea area of Bengal and a chance availability of water made the area which had already been declared as “non-traditional tea growing area” very fertile and conducive. Continue reading Doke Tea Garden Working on Buddha’s Own Tea

Rajiv Lochan, Doke Tea Garden Messenger

Being the messenger of Doke has become the purpose of my life now. Resettlement of those aboriginals who had the allotment of these lands where the new tea is flushing under the government declaration of non-traditional tea growing area in 1999 June is an important corporate social responsibility. Growing and manufacturing tea with the new found water in this parched area of Bihar is a boon and establishment of a new university and an agricultural college in the vicinity of Doke is a great opportunity to establish tea tourism facilities there to integrate on this twenty-year-old project.

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Neha’s presence there gives an edge over these activities, being a young lady entrepreneur whom the present government is encouraging very much. Vivek’s marketing and my international support thru the G3 tea diplomacy movement and the encouraging responses in Japan through Chitose San where the almost similar wako 茶 has given the instant acceptability as duck tea.

My recent trip to America, which was mainly to propagate tea diplomacy and make tea in different places next being Hawaii, and my interactions with different tea growers and tea scholars of different universities and our earlier China trip for the integration of their advanced tea research inputs made me so excited about the future of Tea in America – both North and South. Destiny has been bringing in many tea travelers from these lands to us and we see a very bright future for Doke.

At Vegas I spoke on Tea diplomacy, and in New York I spoke to Indian tea board chairman who will initiate the process of world Tea Festival to be held in Darjeeling in Feb 2018 on tea diplomacy lines.

Now, I am preparing for Sept 2017 international tea forum to be held in Enshi in China to take the cause of Tea diplomacy with Professor Wang Xufeng.

As the Doke Tea Garden Messenger, I am very busy indeed!

Rajiv Lochan 老罗
Lochan Tea Limited

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The Story of Rungneet (Kanchaan View) Darjeeling Tea Estate

Correction on ownership 17 Sep 2016: Rungneet (Kanchaan View) is owned by Ajit Agarwala as Proprietor and is part of Terai Group.

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