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Great Times at Another Foodex in Japan!

It was an extraordinary year as the 104-day-long strike in Darjeeling last year left a question unanswered as to what will happen to quality in new season which never had a precedence.

We took to Foodex in Japan nine teas of pre-spring flush harvested from January onwards from Jungpana, Goomtee, Glenburn, Giddapahar, Poobong, Rohini, Avongrove, Selim Hill, and Upper Fagu – representing a range from high to low elevation and quality which only is possible in late March, and we arrived in Japan on 5th March and had a great excitement in our heart as to what reactions we will be having from best Darjeeling tea lovers in the world.

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Day one opened on 6th morning which so quickly vanished into 10th evening when we wound up the booth and packed up the bags after Chitose san’s party in a fashionable downtown Tokyo restaurant and we never finished hearing kire or arigatao guzaimasta as the tea swirling down the throats of beautiful ladies was simply wonderful.
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On the heals following was 24th February produced Doke black fusion which went so well with Yokohama beef as the final course of the tea party. Dolly was rewarded promptly a trip to Yibin immediately to present herself her tea on the booth to be attended by the international tea community during 17-19th March 3rd International Tea Conference organised by China Chambers of Commerce.

Such are the wonderful ways of the tea world and we are here to serve the consumers with some of the best teas from India.

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Little Yellow Teapot Spouts Off: Robert Fortune – Tea Drinker’s Hero

This little teapot is getting rather upset at the derisive terms being used to describe Robert Fortune (16 Sept. 1812 – 13 April 1880). He was a botanist from Edinburgh who is credited with introducing tea plants to the area around the town of Darjeeling in West Bengal, India, in 1848, ending China’s monopoly on tea. He is called a thief and accused of stealing tea plants from China. Time for me to set the record straight and put Fortune in his proper place in tea history: a hero to many tea drinkers around the world. And to us teapots, as well. TOOOT! Continue reading Little Yellow Teapot Spouts Off: Robert Fortune – Tea Drinker’s Hero

Here at Last! Our Guide to the Darjeeling Tea Gardens

Over the past years, a number of samples of Darjeeling teas have arrived, been tried, and been written about (in articles posted on a blog now gone and replaced with this site). Your ever humble, knowledgeable, and totally honest little teapot (me) wanted to review some of those experiences with you along with some info on the various gardens. TOOOT! Continue reading Here at Last! Our Guide to the Darjeeling Tea Gardens

Darjeeling Tea Tourism Is a Growing Trend

India is seeing the interest in tea tourism really growing and becoming an important source of revenue for some struggling tea gardens. The Darjeeling area is a big draw and sports many fine locations from which to choose. This little teapot encourages you humans to check them out. We offer some information on a few that we find especially inviting below. Continue reading Darjeeling Tea Tourism Is a Growing Trend

Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling Teas and a Haunting Past

Probably the most memorable name of the tea gardens in the Darjeeling area is Margaret’s Hope. This garden is also the source of some very fine teas. Time for this little teapot to do some trekking. Come along, humans! TOOOT! Continue reading Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling Teas and a Haunting Past

Goomtee Tea Estate Fine Darjeeling Teas Revisited

goomteetelogoPrepare for another journey to the foothills of the Himalayas, to those special tea gardens who have warranted the designation of being a “Darjeeling Tea Garden.” This time we stop in at Goomtee Tea Estate in West Bengal, India, and revisit some teas from there. We haven’t tried many, but they have been memorable to be sure. Continue reading Goomtee Tea Estate Fine Darjeeling Teas Revisited

Namring Tea Garden Shines!

Namring is one of the older of the tea gardens in West Bengal, India, that qualify as officially being a Darjeeling Tea Garden. Their teas have some reputation among connoisseurs of Darjeeling teas. We recently came across a fine one presented by one of our site sponsors (Tea Punk Teas) and wanted to pass on some background on where that tea is from. Continue reading Namring Tea Garden Shines!

Some Lesser Known Darjeeling Tea Gardens

Of the 87 (or 88) tea gardens that bear the official designation of being Darjeeling gardens, a few seem to garner most of the attention while the rest barely get noticed, despite the quality of their teas. Marketing is a tough thing for them and usually not affordable. So sites like this one help spread the word. It benefits you, the tea lover, and people like us who spread the word about such teas. (In our case, the benefit is that these great teas continue to be available as the gardens continue producing thanks to folks buying them.) Continue reading Some Lesser Known Darjeeling Tea Gardens