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An After the Christmas Rush Tea Time

The holiday season is all rush, rush, rush, and then full stop. The gifts have all been unwrapped, the dinner has been eaten, friends and relatives are all relaxing and possibly preparing to head home. It can all be a bit underwhelming. The perfect solution is a special “after the Christmas rush” tea time. It will smooth out those last remnants of jangled nerves and yet give you a nice uplift. That’s the wonder of tea. Continue reading An After the Christmas Rush Tea Time


Teas to Serve with Christmas Ham

This little teapot is all ready for the joys of the Christmas season. Steeping tea is always a big part of that here at our house. You can join in at your house. Tea goes great with many of the foods traditionally served at this time of year. Ham is top of the list, so we present some teas that go especially well with that meat’s wonderful flavors, whether you go more the sweet route (coating the ham with brown sugar, cloves, and pineapple) or the savory route (smoked ham or baked ham with more of a spicy quality). TOOOT!  Continue reading Teas to Serve with Christmas Ham

Little Yellow (Santa) Teapot Recommends: A Tea Punk Steampunk Christmas

Every year tea vendors announce a line of teas chock full not only of tea goodness by some added flavors that are traditional for the season. Tea Punk Teas is no exception. As a site sponsor here, they are as much a part of this World tea party as I, your humble little yellow teapot, certainly is. Explore some of their fine teas as I play “Santa Teapot” and offer up suggestions not only for your palate but for the tea lovers on your gift list.  Continue reading Little Yellow (Santa) Teapot Recommends: A Tea Punk Steampunk Christmas

Tea for Christmas Dinner

Remembering a Christmas Dinner Past:

We had a great but simple Christmas dinner, accompanied by chilled Adagio Cranberry Black Tea (the number one pick in my very unscientific poll). Everything was so yummy, that it inspired the poet within me: Continue reading Tea for Christmas Dinner

Recipe for Tea & Cranberry Glazed Ham

[Note: most of the photos here are from other sources and are for illustrative purposes only.]

The holidays offer a time for us to get together with family and feast on all the delightful holiday traditions we look forward to all year. This sure fire simple tea recipe is sure to be one used over and over again. This ham is bursting with holiday cheer and wonderful flavors. Perfect with so many side dishes synonymous with the holidays.  Continue reading Recipe for Tea & Cranberry Glazed Ham

Twas the Night Before… (a tea poem for Christmas)

One of the most famous poems around is “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, but there are other versions that are lesser known, like this one I just made up:

’Twas the night before Christmas, when in our small house
We put on the kettle — just me and my spouse;
The tea leaves were put in the teapot with care,
Awaiting the water on stove heating there; Continue reading Twas the Night Before… (a tea poem for Christmas)

My Version of “Jingle Bells”: Gifts of Tea!

Your gift list is as long as Santa’s list is (or at least as long as your arm). The malls are crowded and your shopping time is limited. You didn’t dare brave the Black Friday crowds and so were not able to take advantage of those “door buster deals.” Now, time is getting short. Gifts of tea can speed up the process, especially when you order online! Continue reading My Version of “Jingle Bells”: Gifts of Tea!

Tea Gang Greetings!

From our house to your house – best wishes for your holiday!

The dining table is about 5 feet in diameter, plenty of room for me and the Tea Gang to gather for a photo. (Actually, this isn’t quite the whole gang, and we didn’t have room to crowd in the various teacups and mugs that have joined us over the years in our tea adventures.) Our human caretakers are shown here holding their mugs of tea… well, just a hand of each human is showing. We need those hands for moving us around, putting tea leaves in us, pouring water into the tea kettle, and so on. We’re all hoping that you’ve enjoyed our tea adventures all these years and will stay with us and we continue in the years ahead. Continue reading Tea Gang Greetings!