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Our Guide to Tea and Chocolates Is Here!

Months of research. Hours of time writing, editing, preparing the layout and images. All available now FREE to you in PDF format here.

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Tea and Chocolate Make a Sweet Team!

How you pair tea and chocolate can be a true art. That’s why we wanted to present some pairing recommendations – both our own and ones that tea connoisseurs (also known as sommeliers and aficionados) have presented. Who knows, you may be inspired to invite over friends and family for a tea and chocolate tasting party! Continue reading Tea and Chocolate Make a Sweet Team!

Valentine’s Day Tips for You Humans

Your lovable friendly teapot here to give you humans some advice for a great Valentine’s Day. It’s a time when you show your special loved one just how much you care. And saying “I love you” with tea is even better. TOOOT!  Continue reading Valentine’s Day Tips for You Humans

How Chocolate and Cats and Tea Just Naturally Go Together

Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows that I like chocolate (well, love is a better word), cats, and tea. It may seem like an odd combo to some, but to me they just naturally go together. It works like this:

All_Out_Of_Tea_Kitten“Chocolate” and “cat” both begin with the letter “c” and “cat” ends with the letter “t” which is the first letter of “tea.” Simple! Hee! (Nah, just kidding.)

In reality, they just seem to go together for me. Tea is known as a beverage that calms (the GABA and L-Theanine) and invigorates (caffeine). Chocolate also has caffeine, pairs well with certain teas, and is also said to create a feeling of euphoria. And cats… well, they’re cute and fluffy and take a nap in your lap and are otherwise rather soothing a lot of times (especially when purring) and invigorating at other times (when they barf in your shoes). So they all just seem to go together.

But be sure you don’t get them confused. I don’t even want to think about that poor cat being mistaken for a sachet of tea or you sitting with a 10-pound chunk of chocolate on your lap and waiting for it to start purring (while it begins to melt from your body heat). And telling your tin of tea to go use the litter box is not likely to result in any speedy action on its part.

Enjoy sipping your tea, nibbling (okay, gobbling) your chocolate, and appreciating that cute kitty that for at least awhile is not shredding curtains and furniture and shedding fur everywhere.

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