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Little Yellow Teapot Reports: Lochan Gold a True Revelation

My humans love Assam CTC style black tea. They keep me and the Tea Gang, especially Betty Blue Teapot in her lovely cozy from Tafferty Designs (one of our site sponsors), very busy steeping up potfuls. A couple of weeks ago they saw a post on social media about a new CTC style black tea called “Lochan Gold” from another site sponsor: Lochan Tea Ltd. in Siliguri, West Bengal, India. They asked if they could try the tea, and the good folks there sent over a package. It was tea party time at our house that day for sure! Continue reading Little Yellow Teapot Reports: Lochan Gold a True Revelation


Little Yellow Teapot Reports: English Breakfast Tea Clarified

A recent tea sample pointed out to this little teapot and my humans how misunderstood English Breakfast Tea seems to be to you tea lovers out there. Considering all the tea vendors naming any black tea under the sun as “English Breakfast” to attract your attention, I thought it was time to clarify the situation. Continue reading Little Yellow Teapot Reports: English Breakfast Tea Clarified

Tea Tuesday: Strong Hot Tea Even in Summer

Tea strength preferences vary from tea drinker to tea drinker, with some liking a lighter taste in their tea and others liking that stronger one. Some are driven by the season. In hot weather, a lot of folks here in the U.S. go for teas with a lighter taste served over ice and often heavily sweetened. In cooler weather or when those Summer storms erupt, we might huddle indoors and sip strong hot tea from a mug held in both hands to warm them. But some go for that strong hot tea for the quick jolt it can give even in hot weather. Sounds great! Continue reading Tea Tuesday: Strong Hot Tea Even in Summer

A Voyage to the Tea Gardens of Myanmar with Shan Valley’s Shan Black Tea!

Once again, your fave teapot is sending you a cheery “TOOOT!” from the land of Myanmar (formerly Burma), with another wonderful tea from Shan Valley Tea Company. They are located here in the U.S. but have strong ties with tea growers from their home country. Always a good thing as far as I and my humans are concerned.


This tea simply named “Shan Black” is better than the Kyaukme Black Tea we tried a few days ago. The dry tea has a more pleasant aroma that is similar to teas from Assam and also Kenya (they grow cultivars from the Camellia assamica varietal and tend not to be as bitter as the teas from Assam). This aroma portended great things to come in the cup! So Plummy volunteered for front line steeping duty with yours truly as his backup. As with the Kyaukme, we used boiling water and steeped for 3 minutes. This time the tea has a pleasant, Assam-like aroma, and a flavor that was free of bitterness, delivering that malty Assam quality. My humans like it as is but also tried some with milk and sweetener and were doubly pleased. The tea had a strong enough flavor to not be overwhelmed.

Again, this is a CTC style tea, fully oxidized. But something is different… possibly the cultivar. It is definitely the better of the two teas as far as I, my Tea Gang, and our human caretakers are concerned.

Being the experimental types, my humans, once the official tasting was done, blended equal amounts of both teas together and steeped a potful. The result was even better than the Shan Black by itself! They think the vendor might try marketing this blend to see how it goes. TOOOT!

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