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Long Autumn Shadows at Tea Time

My humans reminisce on an Autumn day not too many years ago. TOOOT! Continue reading Long Autumn Shadows at Tea Time


Toasting the First Day of Fall with Tea

For some of you humans, Labor Day is officially the end of Summer, which among the humans in the Hamptons also means it’s the last day to wear white until Memorial Day. However, officially Summer continues until around the end of the third week of September. My humans and I always like to observe this official version of the change of seasons with a nice toast of the teacup. And that means steeping up some tea with great Fall flavors. There are quite a few from which to choose. TOOOT! Continue reading Toasting the First Day of Fall with Tea

The Cozy Colors of Autumn!

The greens of Summer are plentiful, from the leaves on trees and bushes to the grasses and other plants growing on the ground. They give way each year in many parts of our country to a much showier color display. Some of you even take the time to go on “leaf peeping” tours, starting in places like Vermont and Maine where the trees turn on that show sooner in the year and going across much of the country where the change starts a bit later. Hitting the peak color time can be tricky, but even if you’re a bit early or late, you’ll enjoy the show! Continue reading The Cozy Colors of Autumn!

Some of the Coziest Fall Recipes We’ve Seen

When it comes to cozy Fall recipes, you can’t beat some of these that we found online. They are typically thought of as “comfort foods.” But the whole idea of cozy is comfort and a total lack of discomfort. So what is better than a satisfied feeling after a nice helping of one or more of these? Continue reading Some of the Coziest Fall Recipes We’ve Seen

7 Dishware Patterns for the Perfect Autumn Tea Table

There’s a lot to love about Autumn. The cooler temperatures that bring relief after Summer’s heat. The lower humidity level that makes that cooler air seem refreshing. And the colors. Especially the colors. So why not bring that indoors to your Autumn tea table? One great way is with a dishware pattern. There are tons to choose from, but these seven caught my eye. They show the variety that’s out there, mainly featuring colorful Autumn leaves but also a classic design with a very plump turkey – we had this pattern (#7 in the image below) as kids and ate our Thanksgiving dinner off of them every year. Just the sight of them can make me start salivating for my mom’s cooking. Continue reading 7 Dishware Patterns for the Perfect Autumn Tea Table

Harvest Time Hurrahs!

There’s no wonder that at this time of year, people across the country are exuding harvest time hurrahs. Harvest is an important time in the lives of mankind. It means food, drink, clothing (cotton, etc.), and just about everything around us. Continue reading Harvest Time Hurrahs!

Recipe for Mini Pumpkin Tea Cakes

[Note: most of the photos here are from other sources and are for illustrative purposes only.]

The season of festivities is quickly approaching. Halloween parties are sure to pop up all around. This is a fun festive recipe sure to delight all who eat these mini tea pumpkin cakes – a delight for sight as much as for the taste buds.

Continue reading Recipe for Mini Pumpkin Tea Cakes

Autumn Comfort Foods & Teas

Autumn is close at hand. But the craving for those comfort foods that are especially popular at this time of year seems to be a bit ahead of the calendar. And tea time is when that craving really kicks into high gear. Time to go exploring and see which of these will satisfy your craving.

Continue reading Autumn Comfort Foods & Teas

10 Top Teas for November

As the temperatures go down, the call from within us for hot tea is even louder than ever. The month of November in the Northern Hemisphere is certainly a time of those cooler temps and therefore a time when more people enjoy hot tea, switching from their favorite iced tea and sweet tea. Certain teas seem to be more appealing during this time of year, partly due to the weather and partly due to holiday events, especially Thanksgiving in the U.S. where tea can be an important part of that traditional gathering of family and friends. These ten teas have an especially broad appeal, meeting these desires among tea drinkers. Continue reading 10 Top Teas for November

That Special Fall Tea Time Is Here!!

by Little Yellow Teapot (a tea steeping marvel and occasional contributing author)

Woohoo! Par-TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEA time with your fave little teapot and two fab teas. I know I promised these for last Friday, but heck, my humans were extra thirsty and needed me for other tea steeping duties. And anyway, what better way than this to start your Monday? You might want to review all the preparations for this event that took place. Setting the mood was the key. Mr. Bobblehead Kitty had other plans and couldn’t attend (he was represented by Mr. Kitty Cream Pitcher). But since the teas had already been selected, we needed to go ahead as planned. My humans forgot the candle, but otherwise they did pretty well. Continue reading That Special Fall Tea Time Is Here!!