The World Is a Tea Party Presents: Your Guide to Tea and Spas and Yoga

Tea is becoming more and more a part of your spa and yoga experience. It seems only natural, and this little teapot is going to tell you humans why.

The Spa and Tea Connection

What’s special about a spa (click on each photo for details):

Spas trace back to 500 B.C. or even earlier. The Greeks built hot water tubs and hot-air baths. The Romans built upon this idea in a grand style with the balneum and the more extravagant thermae (“heat”). As the Roman Empire spread across Europe, Africa, and England, so did public baths. Both heat and water were seen as therapeutic, with mineral springs being especially good sites used, since both elements were already there along with what were considered very healthful minerals. Social bathing was also an important cultural process for Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and Minoans, for health and relief from their pain and diseases.

Over the years spas have changed as hospitals usurped them from their role in medicine. Those spas responded by becoming places of luxury and pampering, with a focus on being vacation locations or clinics that concentrated on weight loss, catering to the wealthy. They evolved into centers for healing and nourishing the mind, body, and spirit, as well as places to go for fitness, stress management, peace of mind, and pampering. They range from day spas where you get a single treatment such as a foot massage or hot rock treatment, destination spas where you can stay for a week or more, and medical spas that treat cosmetic and chronic health problems. Lately, a return to some of the health-related services is returning, though, as the value of prevention, healthy lifestyles, and relaxation has been rediscovered. Spas now appeal to, and are accessible to, a much broader population.

Tea, of course, is more and more a part of the experience. From sipping on a cup of Longjing (Dragonwell) Green Tea after that soothing all over massage or mud bath to enjoying the healthful properties of an Ayurvedic blend that has been a staple in India for centuries, people are finding tea an essential part of that pampering, as well as part of the health aspects.

The Yoga and Tea Connection

What’s special about yoga (click on each photo for details):

Drinking tea is said to date back about 5,000 years. Yoga is said to date back that far or even as long as 10,000 years, with early writings having been transcribed onto fragile palm leaves. Tea was a way to health, served as a natural mood enhancer, and made you feel relaxed and present in your body. So was yoga. Combining the two seems only natural, and each helps you savor each moment of your life just a bit more.

Yoga studios around the country (and the world) see this connection as being important to their students and so have begun offering various teas as part of the experience but also for sale. It helps you keep that link going even in the comfort of your own home. You wind up your yoga session full of positive energy and enjoying a cup of tea with your fellow practitioners, adding to that refreshed feeling. The tea will also help hydrate you after the yoga workout, and regular teas (green, black, oolong, and white) contain caffeine for that boost to help you transition smoothly back into your day.

Tea and yoga are about a lot more than just a beverage and exercise. Both are about a philosophy to change how people approach life. Many try to join all through the use of both.

Which Teas or Herbals to Choose

The time of day can make a difference. Basically, morning or evening will determine your choice of after-yoga tea.


For morning yoga sessions, go for teas/herbals with invigorating and stimulating properties such as these (click on each photo for details):


For evening yoga sessions, go for teas/herbals that soothe and have healthful properties such as these (click on each photo for details):

Make the Most of It!

Going to a spa or doing that yoga workout without that follow-up cup of tea is only half the experience. Get the full treatment with a cup or even a pot of hot tea! If you own or manage a spa or yoga studio, please contact us about our wholesale pricing.

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