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Almost every day has some kind of holiday, but we are focused here on the main ones. They are always better when tea is part of the celebration, so we have some great ideas (with more to come, and yours are also welcome) for which teas can go best with which holiday.

A Cozy Tale with Tea and “Bob the Bunny”

by the Cozy Couple

Stuffed animals are not the exclusive province of the very young. Even those of us who have been around a few decades can still have a penchant for these cuddly and collectible critters. Nevertheless, what do they in general and one named “Bob the Bunny” in particular have to do with tea? Read this tea tale to find out.

“Bob the Bunny” is a little snow white stuffed bunny that hubby and I bought awhile back. He keeps company with all the various little teddy bears and bunnies that seem to increase in number every time our backs are turned. There is even a little black velvety mouse who is seen whispering with “Bob” whenever the opportunity arises.

One day, unbeknownst to us, “Bob” decided to host his own tea party. We’re not quite sure where he got this idea nor, as a diminutive and rather delicate bit of cozy plush, how he was going to manage such tea party tasks as filling the full size kettle with water and pouring the boiling water into the teapot when it was ready.

Sometimes big hearts and big ideas can move even tiny critters to great deeds. It has worked with such characters as The Little Red Hen and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Hobbit. Now, it was “Bob’s” turn to ascend to the heights of monumental achievement.

We don’t think we’ll ever really know how “Bob” managed it, but we did find various tea tins stacked near the stove to form stair steps and some kind of weird pulley device erected over the teapot. What we do know, because hubby and I caught them in the act, is that “Bob” and Little Yellow Bunny and that velvety mouse and the teddy bears were sipping tea and hooting it up in the dining room. They also had some jazz music blaring on the stereo. And I noticed a little trail of tea leaves leading from the tea pantry to the kitchen counter.

There was also a bit of scone mix powder sprinkled on the counter and on the floor, a used baking sheet on the counter, and the tasty aroma of fresh scones filling the air (but not even a crumb of them left in sight). Our secret stash of clotted cream, something that is a bit hard to come by in our neck of the woods, was missing, and “Bob” and his pals were all licking their lips and paws suspiciously, as if to get the last possible delicious bit of scones and clotted cream they could.

In a way, this tale of a bunny and his tea time has inspired us. If a little stuffed critter can overcome the obstacles of a tea kettle that is two or three times larger than himself and an oven door that probably took him and all the rest of that plush menagerie to open and close, then surely hubby and I can handle the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Here’s hoping you have been inspired as well and will think of “Bob the Bunny” and his Herculean efforts in putting on a tea party for his friends next time you’re faced with what may seem like an insurmountable task.

Cheers and stay cozy. Hug your little stuffed critter and have a great tea time!

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Wishing You Great Tea Times Ahead

Thanks, dear readers and followers. This site has been a pleasure to build. Lots of great tea info that we hope you will keep handy and refer to now and again.

Wishing you all great tea times in 2018 and beyond!

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An After the Christmas Rush Tea Time

The holiday season is all rush, rush, rush, and then full stop. The gifts have all been unwrapped, the dinner has been eaten, friends and relatives are all relaxing and possibly preparing to head home. It can all be a bit underwhelming. The perfect solution is a special “after the Christmas rush” tea time. It will smooth out those last remnants of jangled nerves and yet give you a nice uplift. That’s the wonder of tea. Continue reading An After the Christmas Rush Tea Time

Winter Solstice Tea Time

Tea is great for any occasion, and Winter Solstice is no exception. You can gather your friends, steep up a pot of your favorite oolong, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Breakfast Blend, etc., then lay out a tasty spread of delectable munchables and toast the day.

What is Winter Solstice? Usually, it’s the 21st or 22nd of December. It’s the day when the number of hours of daylight have reached their minimum and the hours of darkness have reached their maximum. Each successive day after that, the number of hours of daylight will start to get longer (sunset will occur later) and the number of hours of darkness will get shorter (sunrise will occur earlier) until the Summer Solstice. (Of course, I’m talking about the Northern Hemisphere. The reverse is true in the Southern Hemisphere, where this December date is Summer Solstice.)

Winter Solstice day used to be celebrated as a sign that the hours of life-giving sunlight will be getting longer (very important to people relying on an agrarian economy and not having our modern heating systems). In these modern times, we mark it as the first day of Winter. (Some people across the nation get an early start on the season with blizzardy blasts of cold, snow, and ice in November or early December.)

In either Hemisphere, the December Solstice, being a few days before Christmas, is just another part of the mad rush holiday season that really starts the day after Halloween. In fact, Winter Solstice is often overlooked or thought of as a leftover from the time when people attributed mystical qualities to the day. When you’re dependent on the Sun to keep you warm and grow crops for food, that’s totally understandable. Thanks to modern agricultural and food preservation methods, we have a much steadier food supply and are less dependent on this cycle of daylight vs. darkness hours. So, any such significance is no longer relevant.

That shouldn’t stop you from throwing a Winter Solstice Tea Party, though!

One approach would be to have a party theme that emphasizes light, with lots of candles and bright colors. The foods could be made from seasonal produce such as a spicy pumpkin soup, a hearty meat entrée like Beef Roulade or Smoked Ham, sunny-looking nibble foods like deviled eggs and celery sticks with cream cheese and cilantro, and fruit salads, lemon tarts (so sunny looking!), or fruity parfaits.

What would be better to wash it all down with than hot tea? Additional tea choices (to the ones above) might be rich-tasting Assam and Keemun. Blend in some spices like ginger, cinnamon, and cloves for a healthy and tasty chai. Or you can thrill your guests with the spectacle of a flowering tea blooming in a glass teapot. Green tea and oolong add an exotic Oriental touch.

Details here

Whatever foods you serve and whichever tea you serve with it, your tea time feast will surely portend the coming of a bountiful Spring and Summer, when the sun caresses the earth and pulls forth green shoots from the seeds that are planted and these shoots continue to grow and burgeon with their own seeds and fruits.

The cycle of life continues. TOOOT!

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Teas to Serve with Christmas Ham

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