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Just as with many things, how you enjoy your tea is a very personal thing. Some ways assure a better taste experience from the tea leaves. Others just give you a cozy time out. What you do is up to you.

Little Yellow Teapot Spouts Off: Why Tea Reviews Are Useless

For about a decade, tea vendors sending out tea samples to various people for them to review and write about on their “blog” or website has been common. Now, this little teapot is here to tell them not to bother. The reviews are pretty much useless, as are most product reviews being posted these days. Not being pessimistic here. I just want to save you tea lovers some time that you could use much better doing such things as going out and buying a new teapot (lots of my kin need good homes) and then coming back home and steeping up some tasty tea. (Lots of them available through tea companies listed on The World Tea Portal section of our site.) TOOOT! Continue reading Little Yellow Teapot Spouts Off: Why Tea Reviews Are Useless


Your Guide to Iced Teas Is Here!

Over the years, this little teapot has helped my humans explore which teas taste as good… or even better! … on ice (or chilled overnight in the refrigerator). We present a roundup of the results here:

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Hi, humans, this site is under my editorial excellence. I, your lovable and sassy Little Yellow Teapot, authors articles on tea, etc., and edit the occasional guest article. All in the interest of helping you humans have a better tea experience. TOOOT!

Great Times at Another Foodex in Japan!

It was an extraordinary year as the 104-day-long strike in Darjeeling last year left a question unanswered as to what will happen to quality in new season which never had a precedence.

We took to Foodex in Japan nine teas of pre-spring flush harvested from January onwards from Jungpana, Goomtee, Glenburn, Giddapahar, Poobong, Rohini, Avongrove, Selim Hill, and Upper Fagu – representing a range from high to low elevation and quality which only is possible in late March, and we arrived in Japan on 5th March and had a great excitement in our heart as to what reactions we will be having from best Darjeeling tea lovers in the world.

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Day one opened on 6th morning which so quickly vanished into 10th evening when we wound up the booth and packed up the bags after Chitose san’s party in a fashionable downtown Tokyo restaurant and we never finished hearing kire or arigatao guzaimasta as the tea swirling down the throats of beautiful ladies was simply wonderful.
Details here

On the heals following was 24th February produced Doke black fusion which went so well with Yokohama beef as the final course of the tea party. Dolly was rewarded promptly a trip to Yibin immediately to present herself her tea on the booth to be attended by the international tea community during 17-19th March 3rd International Tea Conference organised by China Chambers of Commerce.

Such are the wonderful ways of the tea world and we are here to serve the consumers with some of the best teas from India.

Rajiv Lochan 老罗
Lochan Tea Limited

A Cozy Tale with Tea and “Bob the Bunny”

by the Cozy Couple

Stuffed animals are not the exclusive province of the very young. Even those of us who have been around a few decades can still have a penchant for these cuddly and collectible critters. Nevertheless, what do they in general and one named “Bob the Bunny” in particular have to do with tea? Read this tea tale to find out. Continue reading A Cozy Tale with Tea and “Bob the Bunny”

An After the Christmas Rush Tea Time

The holiday season is all rush, rush, rush, and then full stop. The gifts have all been unwrapped, the dinner has been eaten, friends and relatives are all relaxing and possibly preparing to head home. It can all be a bit underwhelming. The perfect solution is a special “after the Christmas rush” tea time. It will smooth out those last remnants of jangled nerves and yet give you a nice uplift. That’s the wonder of tea. Continue reading An After the Christmas Rush Tea Time

Little Yellow Teapot Advises: Empty Teacup Syndrome

When you humans are sipping that tea and doing other things (reading, writing, wiping runny noses, etc.) at the same time, you can lose track of the level of the liquid in your teacup. You sip, set the cup down, then read/write/wipe, then sip again, and so on. If you’re not careful, you run the risk of coming down with empty teacup syndrome. Never fear, your ever trustworthy teapot buddy is here to advise you on how to handle the situation.

Continue reading Little Yellow Teapot Advises: Empty Teacup Syndrome

Tea and Biscotti (and Shona Patel’s Secret Recipe)

A sweet gift – a quintet of homemade biscotti – from a sweet lady, Shona Patel of Bihu Tea, arrived recently. And that got me and my humans thinking about this very special tea time treat. Time to share what we found out about them with you lovely tea drinking humans. TOOOT! Continue reading Tea and Biscotti (and Shona Patel’s Secret Recipe)

A “Little Women” Tea Time

Louisa May Alcott, engraving from Harper’s Weekly. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

One of the great classic American novels is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. And having set up a special tea time for another great writer, Jane Austen, we agreed with a reader here that a special tea time with Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy was a tasty idea. So my humans and I did some research on just what would be involved and in the process found out quite a few interesting things, as you will see here. TOOOT!

Continue reading A “Little Women” Tea Time

5 Tips for Fitting GOOD Tea into Your 15 Minute Break at Work (featuring Bihu Bold Tea)

The 15 minute work break. Some of you humans get one, others don’t. For you that do, make the most of those 15 minutes by knowing how to fit a really good tea into that short time frame. A few ideas are presented here by your ever faithful and helpful little teapot to help you do just that. Continue reading 5 Tips for Fitting GOOD Tea into Your 15 Minute Break at Work (featuring Bihu Bold Tea)

Tea Time Spooktacular Ideas!

Halloween is approaching, so it’s time for adding some spooktacular elements to your tea party. There are a lot of creative humans out there, so this little teapot has gathered up some examples of their cleverness to get your brains started thinking along the spooktacular lines. TOOOT! Continue reading Tea Time Spooktacular Ideas!