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Camellia sinensis leaves fermented after processing and usually then aged.

“Mocha” Pu-erh

Howdy, humans! Your fave little teapot here to revisit a tea adventure I and my humans had a few years back. This trip down memory lane was spurred by a Twitter exchange with Maxwell Pollock‏ @maxycha. In truth, he had a good point, but then again, my humans’ tastebuds still get excited at the memory. #TOOOT! Continue reading “Mocha” Pu-erh


Recipe for Pu-erh Pot Roast

[Note: most of the photos here are from other sources and are for illustrative purposes only.]

As Autumn ends and Winter sets in, we find ourselves craving the warmth of a hot cup of tea and comfort food. Whether you have a leisurely Sunday planned or a busy day at work, this slow-cooked pu-erh pot roast is perfect. In only 15 minutes you can prep and set your dinner plans; then just let it slowly cook as you go about your day. Continue reading Recipe for Pu-erh Pot Roast