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Camellia sinensis leaves unoxidized.

Ghosts of Christmas Teas Past

Over the years, this little teapot has been part of many Christmas tea parties that my humans have hosted. These days, they take it a bit more easy during this time of year, but memories of those Christmas teas past still linger. TOOOT! Continue reading Ghosts of Christmas Teas Past


Matcha Grades and 3 Matcha Recipes for the Holidays

Matcha for the Holidays may sound a bit unusual, but since green is a key color for the season, to this little teapot matcha seems a natural for your Christmas tea time. TOOOT! Continue reading Matcha Grades and 3 Matcha Recipes for the Holidays

Recipe for Tea Carrot Cake

This carrot cake is sure to have you salivating. Rich and creamy with a delectable cream cheese frosting. The only way to make it that much better is to add tea, of course. In the cake and with the cake. Continue reading Recipe for Tea Carrot Cake

A Cozy Recipe for Halloween Tea Wontons

The Cozy Couple enjoy holidays, a time for special treats and cozy settings. Here’s a fave recipe for Halloween.

With the holiday season coming and so many get-togethers sure to arise, the questions are: what to make? what to bring? This simple tea recipe is sure to fit the theme for Halloween, the first of many holiday parties to come. With its green filling and orange dipping sauce as well as delicious flavor, you can’t go wrong. Continue reading A Cozy Recipe for Halloween Tea Wontons

Ceremonial Tea

When people think of a tea ceremony, many think of the Chanoyu in Japan. Others say that “gongfu cha” is a ceremony. Plus many Asian countries have ceremonies for enjoying tea, such as Darye in Korea. (Some folks say that the only true tea ceremony is the Chanoyu in Japan, that the ones in other countries are poor imitations. I don’t know either way. And that debate needs to remain the subject of another article.) Regardless of the type of tea ceremony, a ceremonial tea is needed. The chief among these is matcha, but it’s not the only one, as you will see below. Continue reading Ceremonial Tea

Pouring Tea Like a Moroccan Waiter

Greetings, dear tea loving humans! One of the best things about tea is how very personal it is. The variety of teas and the ways in which you can prepare and enjoy them, including the many different flavorings and additions (fruits, flowers, herbs, spices, etc.) assures that you will find not only what suits you perfectly but some new and rather astounding experience. Here is one my ‘she’ human had awhile back and that she wanted to share with you here. TOOOT! Continue reading Pouring Tea Like a Moroccan Waiter

The Confusion of “Purple Tea”

The whole thing about “purple tea” seems to be marketing jargon, almost like calling some lightly oxidized teas “yellow teas” instead of “oolongs” or even “pouchongs.” But is it really just hype to gain the interest of tea drinkers who seem to constantly crave something new on the tea horizon? Or is this tea different enough from other types of tea to be truly set apart in the tea lexicon? Time for this little teapot to look into this further. TOOOT!

Online search pops up a lot of hits.

Continue reading The Confusion of “Purple Tea”

Shop for Teas from Vietnam at The World Tea Portal!

Our page for teas from Vietnam is up and ready on The World Tea Portal! We were pleasantly surprised to find quite a few tea vendors carrying some teas from that country. It is not an area that gets a lot of notice overall in the world of tea. We are doing our part to change that. TOOOT! Continue reading Shop for Teas from Vietnam at The World Tea Portal!

Summer Tea Line-up

While you humans in the Southern Hemisphere of our globe pull out your Winter teas, those of us (humans and teapots alike) in the Northern Hemisphere seek teas that are more soothing for those hot days ahead. That Summer tea line-up will be essential for your daily comfort. Your little teapot is here with some tips for the best teas to enjoy. TOOOT! Continue reading Summer Tea Line-up

Little Yellow Teapot Spouts Off: Kenyan Tea a Tastebud Pleaser!

Your fave little teapot here to tell you about some great tastebud pleasing teas from a part of the world where tea growing is a bit new (relative to India, China, etc.). That country: Kenya. Continue reading Little Yellow Teapot Spouts Off: Kenyan Tea a Tastebud Pleaser!