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Camellia sinensis leaves fully oxidized.

Recipe for Slow Cooker Tea Pulled Pork BBQ

Happy First Day of Summer!

With barbecue season in full swing, but not always enough time to break out the charcoal and get a fire started, this recipe will make your day. Enjoy all of the wonderful barbecue flavor with very little effort. Better still, this classic is infused with the wonderful flavors of pu-erh and golden needle black teas. Continue reading Recipe for Slow Cooker Tea Pulled Pork BBQ


Shop for Teas from Vietnam at The World Tea Portal!

Our page for teas from Vietnam is up and ready on The World Tea Portal! We were pleasantly surprised to find quite a few tea vendors carrying some teas from that country. It is not an area that gets a lot of notice overall in the world of tea. We are doing our part to change that. TOOOT! Continue reading Shop for Teas from Vietnam at The World Tea Portal!

Summer Tea Line-up

While you humans in the Southern Hemisphere of our globe pull out your Winter teas, those of us (humans and teapots alike) in the Northern Hemisphere seek teas that are more soothing for those hot days ahead. That Summer tea line-up will be essential for your daily comfort. Your little teapot is here with some tips for the best teas to enjoy. TOOOT! Continue reading Summer Tea Line-up

Senok Classic Teas: English Breakfast and Earl Grey

Senok Tea, a purveyor of some of the best teas from Sri Lanka, include in that line-up two classics: English Breakfast and Earl Grey. This little teapot helped my humans try them both. The results are below. TOOOT! Continue reading Senok Classic Teas: English Breakfast and Earl Grey

Turkish Tea Page Up and Ready on World Tea Portal!

Our World Tea Portal, the section of our site that connects you with great teas and those who sell them, has an addition: Teas from Turkey!

The odd thing is that, although Turkey is the 5th largest tea producer worldwide and is supposed to be the #1 consumer per capita, little information is available online about their tea gardens and the different brands. The monopoly brand Caykur is everywhere, but few others.

Regardless, we present what we found. If you have any additions to suggest, please send us the info through our Contact Us page.


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Hi, humans, this site is under my editorial excellence. I, your lovable and sassy Little Yellow Teapot, authors articles on tea, etc., and edit the occasional guest article. All in the interest of helping you humans have a better tea experience. TOOOT!

Little Yellow Teapot Explores: Single Estate Teas from Senok in Sri Lanka

Senok Tea first came to this little teapot’s attention when I was helping my humans put together their list of tea companies as part of our World Tea Portal. And their offer to send us some teas was just too good to resist. Ten teas were received, so we are breaking them into groups. The first group consists of three single estate teas. Continue reading Little Yellow Teapot Explores: Single Estate Teas from Senok in Sri Lanka

Little Yellow Teapot Educates: Tea Growing in Thailand

When you humans think of tea and of countries where it is grown, Thailand may not even be on the list. However, teas from Thailand are becoming better known to those seeking out something new to try. Production and export are fairly limited at this time. Continue reading Little Yellow Teapot Educates: Tea Growing in Thailand

Little Yellow Teapot Spouts Off: Kenyan Tea a Tastebud Pleaser!

Your fave little teapot here to tell you about some great tastebud pleasing teas from a part of the world where tea growing is a bit new (relative to India, China, etc.). That country: Kenya. Continue reading Little Yellow Teapot Spouts Off: Kenyan Tea a Tastebud Pleaser!

Great Times at Another Foodex in Japan!

It was an extraordinary year as the 104-day-long strike in Darjeeling last year left a question unanswered as to what will happen to quality in new season which never had a precedence.

We took to Foodex in Japan nine teas of pre-spring flush harvested from January onwards from Jungpana, Goomtee, Glenburn, Giddapahar, Poobong, Rohini, Avongrove, Selim Hill, and Upper Fagu – representing a range from high to low elevation and quality which only is possible in late March, and we arrived in Japan on 5th March and had a great excitement in our heart as to what reactions we will be having from best Darjeeling tea lovers in the world.

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Day one opened on 6th morning which so quickly vanished into 10th evening when we wound up the booth and packed up the bags after Chitose san’s party in a fashionable downtown Tokyo restaurant and we never finished hearing kire or arigatao guzaimasta as the tea swirling down the throats of beautiful ladies was simply wonderful.
Details here

On the heals following was 24th February produced Doke black fusion which went so well with Yokohama beef as the final course of the tea party. Dolly was rewarded promptly a trip to Yibin immediately to present herself her tea on the booth to be attended by the international tea community during 17-19th March 3rd International Tea Conference organised by China Chambers of Commerce.

Such are the wonderful ways of the tea world and we are here to serve the consumers with some of the best teas from India.

Rajiv Lochan 老罗
Lochan Tea Limited

Tea Sellers with a Theme

Lots of you humans out there are enjoying tea more and more. And so more and more of you are getting into the business side and selling tea. This little teapot applauds you. And the creative way in which some of you approach this most serious endeavor has not escaped my attention. Time to bring them to your attention, dear tea loving readers. TOOOT! Continue reading Tea Sellers with a Theme