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Everything around us seems to be growing, and we do our best to stay cool. Iced tea is a big part and in the South it’s sweet tea, both being part of that Summer Fun. Take tea along to the beach, on vacation, and yes even with you on that tractor out in the fields.

Summer Solstice and Tea

Woohoo! It’s Summer Solstice time once again! Even though the unofficial start of Summer is the Memorial Day Weekend, this is the official start – the day that marks the longest day and shortest night here in the Northern hemisphere (and the reverse for the Southern hemisphere). So, how does this affect your tea drinking, if at all? Two words: iced tea. TOOOT! Continue reading Summer Solstice and Tea

Tea and the Oscillating Fan

Tea time can get reflective, with memories of days gone by flooding into your consciousness. Childhood is often the source of those memories. And for some of you the changes made over time in technology make those memories even more significant, contrasting your lives now with how they were then. Here is an example, involving an oscillating fan. Continue reading Tea and the Oscillating Fan

Celebrating Tapioca Day with Pearl Milk Tea Recipes

Pearl milk tea (some call it “bubble tea” or “boba tea”) is a sweet concoction that originated in Asian countries. The main feature is the layer of tapioca pearls lurking in the bottom of the glass, just waiting for you to suck them up through the straw and enjoy their chewy goodness. On Tapioca Day, therefore, it is fitting to prepare some of this style of tea beverage and enjoy it to the max. So, we have gathered here some great recipes found around the Internet. Enjoy! Continue reading Celebrating Tapioca Day with Pearl Milk Tea Recipes

Dad’s Deserve a Special Day (with Tea!)

Fathers are pretty special people. So, a bit of doting and some very special teas are certainly in order on their special day of the year – Father’s Day! And what better way than with a special Father’s Day Tea Time. Continue reading Dad’s Deserve a Special Day (with Tea!)

Little Yellow Teapot Reports: A Revisit to Teas Served Chilled on Iced Tea Day

Happy Iced Tea Day! Your fave little teapot here, presenting 50 teas that my humans and I have tried chilled over the years. (You could also prepare them as iced tea and get similar results.)

Iced tea is not chilled tea is not cold infused tea. Never fear, your little teapot buddy is here to explain the difference. And over the years my humans have been guinea pigs trying a multitude of teas served cold. Continue reading Little Yellow Teapot Reports: A Revisit to Teas Served Chilled on Iced Tea Day

Summer Time, Moving, and Tea!

Summer time, moving, and tea are a perfect trio! Warm weather and less chance of rainfall to soak your belongings while they are being carried from your house to the moving van is a good thing. And a few gallons of iced tea is perfect to keep you hydrated during that process. For you purists (like me) who prefer their tea hot even in Summer, there are other options, as I saw recently in an episode of that classic British TV series “The Avengers.” But there are other options, too, detailed below.

Continue reading Summer Time, Moving, and Tea!

Tea – The Ultimate Hydrator for Summer!

Summer is almost here, but for many of us those Summer temps have already arrived. Time to start thinking about things like how to stay hydrated. Tea to the rescue. Somewhere out there the idea that tea made you dehydrated caught hold and spread. In recent years, though, studies like this one have been coming out to show that tea could be the ultimate hydrator instead. Good news for those of us who imbibe a fair amount of tea on a daily basis, especially in Summer.

Continue reading Tea – The Ultimate Hydrator for Summer!