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A time of changes, of slowing down, of savoring the fruits of your Summer labors.

Tea Time Spooktacular Ideas!

Halloween is approaching, so it’s time for adding some spooktacular elements to your tea party. There are a lot of creative humans out there, so this little teapot has gathered up some examples of their cleverness to get your brains started thinking along the spooktacular lines. TOOOT! Continue reading Tea Time Spooktacular Ideas!


Black Tea Chili and Corn Bread Recipe by Janet Sanchez

Elevate chili to a whole new level. Gourmet chili powders and other special ingredients are the way. Kukicha, a twig tea from Japan, gets to be the star of this recipe. (You can substitute Houjicha if you can’t find the Kukicha.) Let’s get cooking, tea lovers! Continue reading Black Tea Chili and Corn Bread Recipe by Janet Sanchez

Christopher Columbus and Tea

Right on cue, about two weeks before the official Columbus Day here in the U.S., the call to replace that day with “Indigenous Peoples Day” rose loud and clear. While this site does its best to refrain from anything even slightly political, being of partial “indigenous” ancestry, we thought a few words here were in order. And of course, since this site is focused on tea and all things related, we had to mention a word or two on that side of things as well. Cheers and happy reading. Continue reading Christopher Columbus and Tea

The Teapot Tree…Real or…?

Little Yellow Teapot here. As harvest time approaches and you humans start prepping for Halloween, I want to tell you about the teapot tree. Is it real? Or is it a myth, a legend, a figment of some moonshiner’s imagination? Time to go on the hunt and find out. TOOOT! Continue reading The Teapot Tree…Real or…?

Toasting the First Day of Fall with Tea

For some of you humans, Labor Day is officially the end of Summer, which among the humans in the Hamptons also means it’s the last day to wear white until Memorial Day. However, officially Summer continues until around the end of the third week of September. My humans and I always like to observe this official version of the change of seasons with a nice toast of the teacup. And that means steeping up some tea with great Fall flavors. There are quite a few from which to choose. TOOOT! Continue reading Toasting the First Day of Fall with Tea

4 Great Recipes Using Apples & Tea by Janet Sanchez

We have been presenting various yummy recipes here for some time, but I couldn’t resist grouping together four of my favorites for Fall, all involving apples and tea. Try one, try all. Have a ball! Continue reading 4 Great Recipes Using Apples & Tea by Janet Sanchez

5 Fall Flavors to Spice Up Your Tea Time

Fall is my humans’ favorite time of year (and favorite for many of you humans, too), not just for the gorgeous color display that nature puts on, but also for the flavors that, even though you can enjoy them year round, seem especially appealing this time of year. Adding these flavors to your tea time makes sense, at least this little teapot thinks so.

Continue reading 5 Fall Flavors to Spice Up Your Tea Time

Labor Day Weekend and Tea

Labor Day, always on the first day of September, is for many of you humans the unofficial end of Summer. According to the calendar, though, you have about 2.5 weeks left. Either way, it is a time for a last hurrah before that Fall nip is in the air. So, lovely tea drinking humans, make the most of it with tea. TOOOT! Continue reading Labor Day Weekend and Tea

7 Dishware Patterns for the Perfect Autumn Tea Table

There’s a lot to love about Autumn. The cooler temperatures that bring relief after Summer’s heat. The lower humidity level that makes that cooler air seem refreshing. And the colors. Especially the colors. So why not bring that indoors to your Autumn tea table? One great way is with a dishware pattern. There are tons to choose from, but these seven caught my eye. They show the variety that’s out there, mainly featuring colorful Autumn leaves but also a classic design with a very plump turkey – we had this pattern (#7 in the image below) as kids and ate our Thanksgiving dinner off of them every year. Just the sight of them can make me start salivating for my mom’s cooking. Continue reading 7 Dishware Patterns for the Perfect Autumn Tea Table