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Recipe for Mini Pumpkin Tea Cakes

The Cozy Couple presents a great recipe for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or any time. And these go great with tea!

[Note: most of the photos here are from other sources and are for illustrative purposes only.]

The season of festivities is quickly approaching. Halloween parties are sure to pop up all around. This is a fun festive recipe sure to delight all who eat these mini tea pumpkin cakes – a delight for sight as much as for the taste buds.

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Recipes for Sweet Tea Food Pairings

With the heat of Summer beating down, tea has taken a turn to the cold varieties. Tea parties can be done with both hot and cold tea. Just imagine close friends, the sun shining, a slight Summer breeze and a cup of ice cold sweet tea to embrace the conversation. Accompanied of course by wonderful finger sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberries. Continue reading Recipes for Sweet Tea Food Pairings

Rajiv Lochan, Tea Diplomat, Shares a Shanghai Tea Experience

Tea is a paradigm which changes from place to place and gets affected by the quality and variety of tea, pot and surroundings – we saw an ultimate example of this tea culture in ultra modern ways in Shanghai and it was an eye opener – until and unless you have the right elements you cannot get what you want.

Fu cha impressed me and this tea is famous for it processing methods and medicinal function for human bodies such as help stomach works well and reduce the blood pressure and cut down the fatness. It was first time when I saw it and felt it reacting on my body as a guinea pig. In addition to being a pleasure drink first and foremost use of tea is to help the body function well by getting the food digested in best ways and provide the maximum energy to the body with all the best possible options.

Shanghai is one of the best connected places in the world and it is the right place to start any tea dialogue as all the elements of tea are present there – hope to take this massage forward to others in the right earnest.

Rajiv Lochan 老罗
Lochan Tea Limited

Great Times at Another Foodex in Japan!

It was an extraordinary year as the 104-day-long strike in Darjeeling last year left a question unanswered as to what will happen to quality in new season which never had a precedence.

We took to Foodex in Japan nine teas of pre-spring flush harvested from January onwards from Jungpana, Goomtee, Glenburn, Giddapahar, Poobong, Rohini, Avongrove, Selim Hill, and Upper Fagu – representing a range from high to low elevation and quality which only is possible in late March, and we arrived in Japan on 5th March and had a great excitement in our heart as to what reactions we will be having from best Darjeeling tea lovers in the world.

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Day one opened on 6th morning which so quickly vanished into 10th evening when we wound up the booth and packed up the bags after Chitose san’s party in a fashionable downtown Tokyo restaurant and we never finished hearing kire or arigatao guzaimasta as the tea swirling down the throats of beautiful ladies was simply wonderful.
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On the heals following was 24th February produced Doke black fusion which went so well with Yokohama beef as the final course of the tea party. Dolly was rewarded promptly a trip to Yibin immediately to present herself her tea on the booth to be attended by the international tea community during 17-19th March 3rd International Tea Conference organised by China Chambers of Commerce.

Such are the wonderful ways of the tea world and we are here to serve the consumers with some of the best teas from India.

Rajiv Lochan 老罗
Lochan Tea Limited

A Cozy Tale with Tea and “Bob the Bunny”

by the Cozy Couple

Stuffed animals are not the exclusive province of the very young. Even those of us who have been around a few decades can still have a penchant for these cuddly and collectible critters. Nevertheless, what do they in general and one named “Bob the Bunny” in particular have to do with tea? Read this tea tale to find out. Continue reading A Cozy Tale with Tea and “Bob the Bunny”

How to Stay Cozy with Cocoa

We’re happy to be guest contributors on this fabulous site devoted primarily to tea (but also to some related things like cookies). The holiday season is always a time of year to spend more quality time with loved ones. And sharing some hot cocoa makes that quality time, well, just that much more quality!! And cozy, of course! So, we present our tips to help maximize the cozy factor, giving you the most from those precious moments.

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The Comfort of a Comfy Throw

Throws are great for creating a feeling of comfort and coziness. And they are versatile enough for any decorating style or occasion. Price and materials range from economical to rather high-end, including real fur.

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Black Tea Chili and Corn Bread Recipe

Elevate chili to a whole new level. Gourmet chili powders and other special ingredients are the way. Kukicha, a twig tea from Japan, gets to be the star of this recipe. (You can substitute Houjicha if you can’t find the Kukicha.) Let’s get cooking, tea lovers! Continue reading Black Tea Chili and Corn Bread Recipe