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Zisha Clay – Not Just for Those Tiny Teapots, It Seems

By Aaron D. Peacener
as told to A.C. Cargill

Teapots hold great appeal for me, especially those made in China of zisha clay. I have even been known to refer to myself as “that crazy teapot guy” (a proud banner to bear!). So, of course, when I saw a complete, intact set possibly by Gu Jingzhou (顾景舟, 1915-1996), the greatest zisha clay artist, especially during the later years of his lifetime, come on the market, my excitement level soared! The pot was very much like the famous papaya pot design by Gu Jingzhou. In fact, because of this, I thought at first it was a coffee set. The authenticity was also a question. A sign of this authenticity (as having been made by Gu Jingzhou) would be if the pot is ceramic coated. In any event, seeing this set had me feeling that this could be either the greatest zisha ware lover’s discovery recorded in the last 30 years or at the very least historic in some way. For one reason, it was a complete set. A moment of hesitation… What the heck! Might as well go for it! Continue reading Zisha Clay – Not Just for Those Tiny Teapots, It Seems