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Adjust to the Seasonal Time Change with Tea

Getting ready to set our clocks back for one hour. It’s that seasonal time change we undergo twice a year. If you’re like my humans, it can take a few days to adjust so that you don’t automatically wake up an hour earlier than you should (your internal clock will say it’s 7 a.m. while your clock now reads 6 a.m.) or get sleepy an hour earlier than your usual bedtime (the clock will say 10 p.m., but your body will say it’s 11 p.m.). Plus, those of you used to having your Elevenses Tea Time (at 11 a.m.) and your Afternoon Tea (at 4 p.m.) will find yourselves wanting tea at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. respectively. Tea can definitely help you make this adjustment to the seasonal time change, though. This little teapot will show you how. Continue reading Adjust to the Seasonal Time Change with Tea


Christopher Columbus and Tea

Note: Every year I like to move this up in the post listing to be sure it stays fresh.

Right on cue, about two weeks before the official Columbus Day here in the U.S., the call to replace that day with “Indigenous Peoples Day” rose loud and clear. While this site does its best to refrain from anything even slightly political, being of partial “indigenous” ancestry, we thought a few words here were in order. And of course, since this site is focused on tea and all things related, we had to mention a word or two on that side of things as well. Cheers and happy reading. Continue reading Christopher Columbus and Tea

Chinese Tea Names Can Be Very Revealing

Chinese tea names (in both their Romanized versions and their translations into English equivalents) sometimes contain a name of the place of origin, and some are colorful, poetic, often with quite a story behind them. Some of those stories are as simple as, “Gee, it looks like such-and-such to me.” Others involve Emperors, goddesses, an English Queen or two, and vivid imaginations. They are all a delight and can enrich your tea drinking experience. After all, drinking Oriental Beauty can be more enticing than drinking something named “Bug-bitten Tea.” Time for this little teapot to help you explore some of these names. TOOOT! Continue reading Chinese Tea Names Can Be Very Revealing

Ceremonial Tea

When people think of a tea ceremony, many think of the Chanoyu in Japan. Others say that “gongfu cha” is a ceremony. Plus many Asian countries have ceremonies for enjoying tea, such as Darye in Korea. (Some folks say that the only true tea ceremony is the Chanoyu in Japan, that the ones in other countries are poor imitations. I don’t know either way. And that debate needs to remain the subject of another article.) Regardless of the type of tea ceremony, a ceremonial tea is needed. The chief among these is matcha, but it’s not the only one, as you will see below. Continue reading Ceremonial Tea

Little Yellow Teapot Reports: High Teas Scores a Big Hit with Their Breakfast Teas!

Lots of great tea brands in the United Kingdom. But the growth of small vendors selling teas of high quality is going along nicely. And High Teas, owned by Anthony (Tony) Marks [source1, source2, source3], is one such vendor. I had a chance to steep four breakfast teas from them recently. It was a stimulating experience. TOOOT! Continue reading Little Yellow Teapot Reports: High Teas Scores a Big Hit with Their Breakfast Teas!

More Tea Growing Countries Added!

Your tea options are world-wide. And we love introducing you to as many tea growing countries and their teas as possible.

In that line, we have added information to our Explore Teas of Other Countries page for these countries:

We were not able to find places selling some of these teas. If you do, please leave us a comment below. Enjoy – TOOOT!

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The Great Candy Corn Debate

This time of year a confectionery staple appears magically by the ton on store shelves: candy corn. It’s been around since the 1880’s and for some people is a treat not to be missed. For others, though, the very mention of those two little words “candy” and “corn” said together as a single entity sends chills down their spines and a wave of queasiness through their insides. It also tends to spark the Great Candy Corn Debate. Continue reading The Great Candy Corn Debate

Friday Fun: The REAL Anatomy of a Teapot!

A while back, our good friends at AC Silver posted this great diagram of a teapot anatomy. Too bad they got it a bit wrong!!! But yours truly is here to give you the real anatomy of a teapot, albeit a bit tongue (or spout) in cheek, as you humans say. TOOOT! Continue reading Friday Fun: The REAL Anatomy of a Teapot!

Coffee Pots vs. Teapots

So sad to see some poor humans out there presenting a “teapot” that is not a teapot but a coffee pot! As a teapot, albeit a little one, I feel the strong need to help them out with this handy chart that shows the subtle, yet oh so important, differences. You’re welcome. TOOOT! Continue reading Coffee Pots vs. Teapots

Companies That Started as Tea Sellers

When you see the words “Tea Company” in a company’s name, you naturally assume that they primarily sell tea. Right? Well, it turns out that they may have started that way but quickly expanded to other foods, beverages, etc. In fact, a couple of them grew into nationwide chains. Let this little teapot introduce you. TOOOT! Continue reading Companies That Started as Tea Sellers