Recipes for Sweet Tea Food Pairings

Updated 15 June 2019.

With the heat of Summer beating down, tea has taken a turn to the cold varieties. Tea parties can be done with both hot and cold tea. Just imagine close friends, the sun shining, a slight Summer breeze and a cup of ice cold sweet tea to embrace the conversation. Accompanied of course by wonderful finger sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberries.

Shopping list:

Click on each photo for details:

  • Soft white bread – 2 loaves
  • Sliced ham – half pound
  • Sliced turkey – half pound
  • Arugula – 7oz bag
  • Tomatoes – 2-3 sliced thin
  • Mascarpone cheese – 4 oz
  • Cream cheese – 4 oz
  • Goat cheese – 3 oz
  • Balsamic glaze – 1 bottle (or make your own with this recipe)
  • Honey – 1 jar
  • Tart cherries (sub: cranberries) – 1 can
  • Fresh strawberries – 16 oz
  • Bittersweet chocolate (50-70% cocoa ) – 6 oz
  • Sweetened condensed milk – 1 can

What to Do With Them

Sandwich spreads:

  • Combine 4 oz mascarpone with 2 tbsp honey
  • Combine 3 oz goat cheese with 4 tsp balsamic glaze
  • Combine 4 oz cream cheese with ¼ cup of tart cherries in a food processor or with a mixer


  • Thinly spread mascarpone and honey mixture on 2 pieces of bread. Place a few slices of ham between the slices of bread. Cut off the crusts then cut into thirds.
  • Thinly spread goat cheese mixture on 2 pieces of bread. Place about ¼ cup of arugula and a few tomato slices between the bread slices. Cut off crusts then cut into thirds.
  • Thinly spread cream cheese and cherry mixture on 2 pieces of bread. Place a few slices of turkey between the slices of bread. Cut off the crusts then cut into thirds.
  • Do this for all of the bread making as many of each as you and your guests would prefer.
A plateful of finger sandwiches is a tradition at tea time!

Chocolate dipped strawberries:

  • Fill a small sauce pot with water about 1 inch up the side of the pot over medium low heat.
  • Place a metal bowl on top. Choose a metal bowl that does not touch the water when placed on top.
  • Put the chocolate pieces in the bowl.
  • Allow the chocolate to melt then add in 1/3 cup of the sweetened condensed milk. If the mixture is too thick thin it out with 1-2 teaspoons of milk.
  • Once combined, leave the pot over the water but turn off the heat.
  • Take each strawberry by the stem and swirl it around until almost completely covered.
  • Place onto a greased baking sheet or a flexible cutting board.
  • Place into the fridge for at least 10 minutes but not more than 4 hours.

Recipe serves 12-14 people generously.

As for what teas to have, go with your favorite. You can’t miss!

Having trouble getting those strawberries to look gorgeous for your guests? Click on photo to see a video showing how it’s done.

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