Lots of Tea Sellers on This List!

Hey, dear humans, check out this great list of companies selling tea and some tea producers: Tea Companies List Is Up and Ready


About the List

We have searched the internet and combined information from several sites claiming to have the definitive list (in reality, they were incomplete and needed serious editing – lots of dead links or linking to a company that no longer sells tea) as well as off of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Our list is incomplete, too, since we purposely excluded some tea sellers (that is, some people claiming to sell tea), but hopefully it has no dead links.

This is a semi-curated list. That is, we researched most of these sites to be sure that they were worthy of inclusion and that we weren’t leading you astray by listing them here. We made sure each was still in business and focused on true tea (Camellia sinensis plant family).

Most companies we found to be still active were included. (Side note: Sadly, so many of the ones that are now inactive have left up their Twitter accounts and company pages on Facebook. A lot of internet clutter. Unless they intend to restart up their business, they would be better to remove these things.)

The big puzzle was why so many show no address, phone, or even their country on the site. And many also give you no clue on who the people are behind the company. Very odd considering how adamant many of them are about telling you where the teas come from. As far as we are concerned, the seller matters even more. We know of some who sell you teas they’ve stolen from other sellers, for example (and no, we did not include them in this list).

Help Us Make This List Even Better

We encourage you to tell us of any tea companies that we might have missed (or excluded in error), of any wrong information we show for them, and any other issues. Just send us the info via our Contact Us page.


We love hearing from you!

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