Tea Sellers with a Theme

Lots of you humans out there are enjoying tea more and more. And so more and more of you are getting into the business side and selling tea. This little teapot applauds you. And the creative way in which some of you approach this most serious endeavor has not escaped my attention. Time to bring them to your attention, dear tea loving readers. TOOOT!

Tea sellers need a way to stand out in a market that gets more crowded by the day as tea catches on with you savvy humans (especially you that follow this site – TOOOT!). For some tea sellers that way is a “theme.” That’s where they have not only named their company something themed but all of their tea products, as well. In the past years as I have educated my humans about tea, we have tried a number from some of these “themed” tea sellers and have become good buddies with others. Their 15 minutes of fame is finally here.

Mad Hatter Tea

Owner(s): a family-run business
Location: Richmond, North Yorkshire, England
Theme: the Mad Hatter Tea Party from “Alice in Wonderland”
Info: Importing, packing, and blending high-quality tea which boasts “A Taste of Wonderland.” A unique blend of African, Ceylon, and Indian teas that produces a rich color and depth of taste.
Some Teas: Tea names aren’t really themed, but the packaging is quite cute. Sort of a little treasure chest with “Drink Me!” on the label.

Tea Punk Teas

Owner(s): Genevieve Dodd, Lloyd Dodd
Location: Granbury, Texas USA
Theme: Steampunk attitude.
Some Teas:

Bingley’s Teas


Owner(s): Julia Matson
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
Theme: Jane Austen literary characters. (Company is named after Mr. Bingley, a character in Jane Austen’s iconic novel “Pride and Prejudice.”)
Some Teas: Jane Austen Tea – test your knowledge of her works by identifying which novel each of these is from:

Tea and Jazz House (now closed)

Sadly, not even the most clever theme can assure success. One such vendor was Tea and Jazz House. The owner, Mary Cali, was a lovely “she” human in Washington, DC, who liked jazz and tea and combined the two interests in her business. She created flavored teas and named them after jazz performers she liked. We had tried a number of samples and, while my humans tend not to like teas with stuff added, these teas seemed to be a cut above. We are sorry to see that her business in selling tea did not last. (A big challenge for small tea sellers is when the economy gets a bit tight and thus people have less extra cash to spend.)

The teas we tried:

The Carter

The Krall

Named after Betty Carter, known for her scat singing and original vocal style. Named after Diana Krall, featured in several movies and has some albums out.


The Armstrong

The Gillespie

Named after Louis Armstrong, who had a true style all his own as seen in the movie “Hello Dolly” and others. Named after jazz legend John Birks “Dizzy” Gillespie, father of Be-bop jazz. He began playing piano at the age of four.


The Horne

The Monk

Named after Lena Horne, who was not only a most beautiful human but had a distinctive and beautiful singing voice. Named after jazz great Thelonius Monk, known for his unorthodox style of playing.


The Vaughan


Named after Sarah Vaughan, known for having “one of the most wondrous voices of the 20th century” with a vocal range from female baritone to mezzo-soprano, something boasted by few singers (Julie Andrews is one).

A Final Word

I just want to say an admiring word to you clever humans. If you know of any we missed here, please let us know, and we’ll give them their 15 minutes of fame! TOOOT!

© 2018-2022 World Is a Tea Party photos and text

Hi, humans, this site is under my editorial excellence. I, your lovable and sassy Little Yellow Teapot, authors articles on tea, etc., and edit the occasional guest article. All in the interest of helping you humans have a better tea experience. TOOOT!


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