How to Relish the Last Hurrahs of Summer with Tea

Some parts of the U.S. have seen unseasonably cool temperatures. And too much rain. And flooding. With such events going on, some of us are prompted to relish the last hurrahs of Summer with some suitable tea moments. Your fave little teapot is here to show you how.

Summer tea highlights (click on each photo for details):

Keep the Iced Tea Flowing

For you folks who live in the warmer parts of the U.S. (primarily southern states), iced tea can be a year round phenomenon. But some folks up in those northern states can enjoy this version of tea also throughout the seasons. It can have a real psychological benefit, even when you’re enjoying it before a log fire and have three sweaters, a muffler, ear muffs, and two knit caps on, plus a blanket or two wrapped around your legs as you sit on the sofa before that fireplace ablaze.

Stick with Summer Tea Favorites

Some teas just seem to go naturally with the fun of Summer. Green teas with fruity flavors added come to mind here. The heavier tasting teas, such as Assam CTC black teas and Young Pu-erh, are more Wintry teas. They also go well with foods more popular in colder weather: macaroni and cheese, beef stew, pumpkin pie, etc. The lighter green tea flavors will not only squeeze out that last hurrah of Summer but go well with the last of the Summer time foods such as fresh strawberries and green salads. Even some grilled hotdogs and burgers would be good here, just to keep that picnic-like feeling going.

Pop a Summer Time Movie in the DVR

…or pull it up on Netflix or other sites online. Whatever. Just get Beach Blanket Bingo or even Jaws going on the TV indoors so you can ignore the blizzard going on outdoors. Again, psychology is the key here. You might even call it self-hypnosis. Just as Dorothy had her magic phrase repeating while clicking together the heels of those ruby slippers, you can keep repeating this magic phrase: “There’s no time like Summer. There’s no time like Summer.”

Hope it works for you. I got a nice tan just writing this!

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