Book Review: “Fugitive from Asteron” by Gen LaGreca

Update 5 July 2017: This novel just received this award!

What do you do when you want to write novels? Well, you sure don’t sit around and wish, want, and hope. You write! This is the third novel from Gen LaGreca, published by Winged Victory Press. Her first two were Noble Vision and A Dream of Daring. The first was a medical thriller and the second a romance drama set in the days before the outbreak of the Civil War. Now she blasts off into science fiction, but with the same core philosophy that was the framework of the first two: the glory of the individual. We hold that within each of us, but for some, that wondrous thing we call the self never gets a chance. In this book, though, it most definitely does.

Click image to go to Winged Victory Press site.
Click image to go to Winged Victory Press site.

The novel starts out on Asteron, a planet in a galaxy far, far away, and shows what life is like there for its residents; eventually, the plot gets to Earth to show the existence there in that future. I could detail that plot, but it’s better to let you discover it’s clever path and the twist or two thrown in here and there.

There are a lot of would-be writers out there and a lot of self-publishing going on. I’ve read a bunch of them and ended up sighing with the sad thought of the trees that gave their lives to make the paper that pap was printed on. This book left me feeling that those trees probably volunteered to be turned into paper. In fact, it was one of those types of books that left me with a feeling loss when it was over. I just kept wanting it to go on! Books like that are so rare these days.

Another point here: I was an English Lit major in college and also have read extensively since the days of academia. As a result, I can usually tell where a plot is going and am rarely surprised by the author. But dang! The author was subtle enough in her clues and even a bit misleading (by sticking with portraying events through the eyes of her lead character) that I got as much of a shock in real life as her character got in the book. That hasn’t happened in a long, long time! It also illustrated beautifully how we can misperceive reality around us by filtering the actions of others through our own mindset.

Even if you’re not a diehard sci-fi fan, this book will have you staying up late to keep those pages turning. There are a few places where the author really drives home some of her philosophical ideas as portrayed through the lead male and female characters (you knew that some romantic element had to come in here, right?) and goes on for a bit longer than the pacing of the rest of the novel would allow, putting a slight drag on the action. In the end, it’s worth it because that philosophy is the key to the final big finish. (Don’t worry, no spoiler alert needed here.)

Whether you read it on your Kindle or in the paperback form doesn’t matter. Just get a copy today and see how closely it relates to a lot of what goes on now, and beware of Project Z!

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