A Memorial Day Tea Time

Memorial Day is upon us. It’s a great day for a special tea time! This little teapot will explain… TOOOT!

About Memorial Day

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a time to remember those who were willing to face danger on behalf of us all both within and outside of our country’s borders. This special day started on May 5, 1868, when General John A. Logan issued an order declaring a day to remember those fallen during the War Between the States (commonly called the Civil War). Over a century later that day was declared a national holiday to honor those who had died in military service to their country and was set to be celebrated on the last Monday in May. Officially, the day is observed by a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery where a small American flag is placed on each grave and the president or vice-president gives a speech honoring the contributions of the dead and lays a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Memorial Day has quickly become a time for picnics and celebrating. Those celebrations honor bravery and people who fought. Making tea a part of that celebration can be a brave thing to do. There are several teas that go with most foods you’ll be serving (beef burgers and plump hotdogs, slabs of ribs barbecued to perfection, vegetable kabobs, potato salad, corn on the cob, baked beans, and coleslaw). So, you might start with one of them: Ceylon (black and green), Assam, Kenyan, and Nilgiri. Hot or iced, they will be perfect refreshers.

Show up at that picnic with a special picnic basket and be a star.

Get that tea steeping for a great Memorial Day Tea Time!

Being a steeper of fine teas, the little teapot says what better way to remember our brave military members than with a special tea time?

The Menu

  • Pure beef burgers and plump hotdogs (grilled just the way you like ’em and served up on buttered, grilled buns)
  • Slabs of ribs (barbecued to perfection using either a rich tomato sauce or a tangy vinegar-based sauce)
  • Vegan Kabobs (chunks of green bell pepper, sweet onions, cherry tomatoes, fresh pineapple, and mushroom caps), especially if you like ’em spicy!
  • Heavy duty potato salad (skins-on red potatoes, diced sweet gherkins, mayonnaise, mustard, dill, and even some diced sweet onions if you are so inclined)
  • Sweet corn on the cob (wrap each ear in aluminum foil and toss on the grill for awhile)
  • Baked beans (you can add in a few hunks of pork for added flavor or keep it vegan)
  • Coleslaw (freshly chopped cabbage, bits of chopped carrots, and coleslaw dressing)

The Teas

No need to stick with just one tea to serve. Different teas go with the above foods. So steep up two or three. Hot or iced, these teas will deliver manly flavor for your Memorial Day celebration.

Click on each photo to see the foods to pair with it:

The Mood

Set those flags flying high, invite a service man or woman or two over to join in, stream some Sousa marches on your patio speak system, and have a ball!

Details here

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Hi, humans, this site is under my editorial excellence. I, your lovable and sassy Little Yellow Teapot, authors articles on tea, etc., and edit the occasional guest article. All in the interest of helping you humans have a better tea experience. TOOOT!


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