5 Signs That You’re Going “Bananas” at Tea Time

This little teapot has noticed that the banana is every slapstick comic’s friend, a delight for the chimpanzee set, the foundation of a favorite Summertime treat, an ingredient in numerous delectable desserts, and chock full of nutritious stuff like fiber and potassium – yum! It’s also part of the cliché “going bananas” – a phrase that indicates you’re…uh, well…anyway, you may find yourself going “bananas” at tea time without even realizing it. Here are some signs:

1 Vocabulary Morphage

Besides the phrase “going bananas,” some of these might end up finding their way into your tea time conversation:

  • Banana republic (a small, poor country with a weak or dishonest government) – as in “This tea time is looking like a banana republic.” (bad tea and treats being served)
  • Banana skin (British – something which causes, or is very likely to cause, embarrassing problems) – as in “If I drink another cuppa tea, I’ll being steeping on a banana skin.”
  • “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?” (the last line of an infamous knock-knock joke)
  • Yes we have no bananas (a line from a vaudeville song – try to resist bursting out singing the whole thing)
  • I didn’t come down the Clyde in a banana boat (Old Glasgow expression!)
  • Make like a banana and split – said to tea time guests who have overstayed their welcome or stepped on that banana skin.
  • Top banana (the main comic in a burlesque show)
  • He/she bruises like a banana (easily offended)
  • Bananas have a peel (which is why everyone likes them so much)

You also find yourself telling very bad banana jokes, like the one shown at right. Just don’t overdo it!

2 Tea Preference Changes

You can have several teas that go well with items containing bananas:

  • Ceylon Tea – A classic Ceylon tea with a light colored liquid and hints of delicate floral notes. Infuse the leaves in water heated to boiling for 2-5 minutes.
  • Ti Kuan Yin – A distinctive light cup with hints of orchid in the flavor. This is a semi-oxidized tea and so has a little bit more body than a green tea but less than a black tea for a unique flavor twist. Infuse in water that has been brought to a light boil (165-190° F) for 1-3 minutes.
  • Pouchong – Fresh and lively with a light astringent finish. One of the world’s most exceptional teas, with fragrances of flowers and melon, and a rich, yet mild cup. Infuse in water that has been brought to a light boil (165-190° F) for 1-3 minutes.

You can also make various tea smoothies, such as this Green Tea Banana Smoothies (recipe here).

3 Decoration Alteration

Need I say “yellow” here? As in tablecloths, napkins, candles, and so on. They are an indication that you are on your way to going “bananas”, but if you decide to paint the interior of your house yellow and hang yellow drapes on the windows, you are already there.

4 Banana Tea Time Recipes Dominate

You just gotta have something tasty to serve friends and family at tea time. If you see your usual scones or muffins or cookies being replaced with and of these, you are well on your way to going “bananas” at tea time:

  • Banana Chai Bread – recipe here.
  • Bitter Chocolate, Lavender, and Banana Tea Loaf – recipe here.
  • Banana cream pie – recipe here.
  • Banana pudding (my mom used to add those Nilla Wafers to it).

5 Tea Time Attire Adjustments

Bright yellow clothing would certainly be expected here. Or even dressing up like a vaudeville comic or a clown might be appropriate. Just don’t forget your rubber banana. And let’s hope no one shows up for tea wearing a banana suit. But if they do, be polite and only snicker behind his/her back, for it means your tea time has truly gone “bananas”!

So, how did you do? Have you gone totally “bananas” yet? If so, just give in and enjoy it, humans. TOOOT!

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