The Tea Provinces of China

Tea lovers everywhere respond Pavlovian-style when one word is said: “China.” Small wonder. Some of the finest teas available, and some of the priciest, come from China. It is also considered by many to be the birthplace of tea drinking. This little teapot invites you to do some exploring and offers you this info to help you do just that. TOOOT!

China, land of inscrutability, of a civilization that goes back thousands of years, of such wonders as the Great Wall (built to keep invaders out), and of such delights to tantalize the tastebuds as Dim Sum. Tea there used to be a special beverage for Emperors and their Courts. Now, you can order some of the finest ones online and even in local stores.

Maps of the Tea Provinces of China

Teas are grown in a number provinces of China, although not all are available outside of Asia. Several have a reputation for especially fine teas. The teas are usually divided into several classes, all from the Camellia sinensis plant but processed differently — Green (non-oxidized), Oolong (semi-oxidized), Black (sometimes called “red tea” in Europe and elsewhere, which should not to be confused with “Rooibos” which is often labeled “red tea”), White, Yellow, Flowering/Blooming, and Compressed (cakes, bricks, etc.). Each is processed differently, giving them unique flavors and properties. Where the teas are grown also affects their taste.

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Tea Mountains of China

Trying to map all the mountains in China where tea is grown would be a formidable and daunting task. The number of mountains in China is substantial, and the ones with tea growing on them is a pretty good-sized chunk. Some are more well-known outside of China than others. The Wuyi Mountains are the first to come to mind, but there are lots more!

Some peaks of note (listed by province) where tea may or may not be grown (click on each photo to see details):

As the saying goes in real estate, the key is location, location, location! Thus it goes with teas. Most vendors will tell you which province a tea is from, but in some cases they only name the county such as Anxi or Fuding (both in Fujian Province), which tend to be well-known. Become familiar with provinces and counties to help in your search for great teas.

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And watch for our Guide to Some Teas of China coming soon to this site. TOOOT!

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