Rainfall and First Flush in Goomtee Tea Estate

First there was too little rain, then too much, but the folks at Goomtee Tea Estate persevered. Bravo, TOOOT!

Ashok Kumar, co-owner and manager of Goomtee Tea Estate, posted this comment on 8 March 2017 about rain in Darjeeling area of India: “Darjeeling has seen no rain yet….very small harvests have started…great quality…our tea available with Lochan Tea…”.

Then on 1 April 2017, he added: “Darjeeling got rain, and then it did not stop; very cold. Growth in March was a fourth of 2016! Quality has been excellent.”

Ten days later Goomtee posted a photo of their first flush clonal tea (included in the photo gallery below). Perseverance!

Click on each photo for details:

The issue of rainfall is always a big one for anyone involved in agriculture. Tea farmers, like others, need the right amount. Too little can stunt growth. Too much can wash away nutrients from the soil and drown the roots. Neither is good for the humans that go out into the fields to pluck the tea leaves, and the process of withering the leaves gets tricky, calling for fans or even big blow dryers to help that along when humidity in the air is too high. Lots of challenges. Being able to have enough water around for the humans to drink and for steeping those tea leaves is another issue. It’s one that the Indian government is keenly focused on, trying to store water from the times when rain is plentiful to be available when rain is scarce.

The good thing in Goomtee Tea Estate and others in the foothills of the Himalayas is their elevation which keeps temperatures cooler and therefore more misty than southerly areas of India. Ashok and his team are very familiar with the vagaries of weather. They watch the tea plants carefully, checking them daily at this time of year to know when the time is right to collect that first flush of new tea leaves on those plants. They invite groups in to learn more about tea – how it’s grown and processed as well as how to enjoy it to its fullest.

Goomtee Tea Estate has a lot to offer – great teas and a relaxing place to stay for a night, two nights, or even a week!

Disclaimer: Goomtee is a site sponsor but otherwise furnishes no compensation to us for articles about them. They try to promote my site, and I return the favor.

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