Hubei Province – Birthplace of Some Great Teas!

A lot of attention is paid to the teas from the Yunnan Province in our house, since many of them are made into pu-erhs (a tea style we especially like). And the Wuyi Mountains are known for some of the finest oolongs available. Keemun tea, from Qimen, Anhui, China, has captured the hearts of black tea lovers around the world. But the Hubei Province (湖北) deserves its share of the ballyhooing, as well. Some fine teas come from there, including their own version of Keemun. Your buddy little teapot (me!) presents four teas that are especially worthy of mention and a bit hard to come by.

First, a bit about the Hubei Province:

Click on each photo to see a larger image and details:

Hubei is province located in the central part of China. The name means “north of the lake,” since it is north of Lake Dongting. The capital of Hubei is Wuhan, a major transportation thoroughfare and the political, cultural, and economic hub of Central China. Hubei borders several provinces, including Henan on the north, Anhui on the east, and Jiangxi on the southeast. Geographically, most of central and eastern portions of the province are made of the Jianghan Plain. There are mountains in the western part, including Wudang, Jingshan, Daba, and Wu Mountains. There are several tributaries of the Yangtze river in the province. One is the Shen Nong Stream named after the Emperor Shen Nong who, according to legend, had tea leaves fall into his pot of boiling water, drank the resulting liquid, and thus began the whole tea business. The climate is subtropical and has distinct seasons, ranging from 1-6°C in Winter and of 24-30°C in Summer.

On to the teas:

There are many more teas than these produced in Hubei Province. My humans and I selected these as being especially noteworthy.

Click on each photo for a larger view and details:

You may have to hunt a bit to find these teas. But they will be worthwhile.

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