Valentine’s Day Tips for You Humans

Your lovable friendly teapot here to give you humans some advice for a great Valentine’s Day. It’s a time when you show your special loved one just how much you care. And saying “I love you” with tea is even better. TOOOT! 

How to Prepare for the Perfect Valentine Tea Time

Yes, dear humans, it’s already time for you to start preparing for the perfect romance-filled Valentine tea time. The best events need a little forethought, and since a lot of other humans will also be preparing for that perfect tea time for their loved one, you may need to order early to assure you get the items that you want.

It’s more typical for a ‘he’ human to prepare that special occasion for the ‘she’ human he loves, but there is no reason whatsoever that the ‘she’ human can’t prepare for the ‘he’ human she loves. The basic approach is the same either way. The real gift here is your time, effort, and thought spent in each aspect of the event.

Some Seductive and/or Romantic Teas

Teas with floral flavors seem to have a romantic quality. Rose petals are the most common choice. Cornflowers seem to pop up quite a bit in tea blends these days, too. A few options:

  • Taylors of Harrogate China Rose Petal Tea
  • Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival Green Tea
Rose flavored/scented black tea.
Rose flavored/scented black tea.

An Attractive Teapot for Serving

Keep that floral theme going with a floral-patterned teapot and either matching or a mix of other floral patterns on the plates, teacups, and saucers. The best things about flowers is their promise of new life springing into being. Nature re-awakens after the slumber of Winter. Flowers have represented the budding of love as well. Pouring your tea from that floral teapot will say, “My love is in every drop.”

Some Traditional Bonbons to Pair with the Tea

Top of the list: CHOCOLATE! Next on the list: CHOCOLATE! Let’s face it – chocolate is the bonbon of choice for you humans on Valentine’s Day. So much so that many think that chocolatiers made up the holiday. Maybe so. I just know that my humans keep plenty on hand for such occasions (and even when there is no occasion).

A Romantic Setting

This day can set a mood in your relationship with your beloved that might last for days, weeks, months, or even longer! Flowers, soft lighting, comfortable seating, and the right background music (in accord with your personal taste) are the main ingredients. A reference to a favorite poem may seem a bit old-fashioned but could convey your feelings very well. Traditional colors are pinks, reds, and whites, but you can go with what appeals to you, preferably in pastel shades or in colors that are different from the holiday seasons in October through December. A fairly clean and inviting appearance can start with a crisp white tablecloth that will also serve to show off your floral teapot.

See more tips in the “5 Ways to Add a Touch of Romance to Your Valentine’s Teatime” section below.

Carrying Out the Plan

The most important part of any plan is the implementation of it. Otherwise, there is just the plan and nothing else. Vapor. Nothing. Poof! But how do you humans carry out this romantic Valentine Day Tea Time plan?

  • Secrecy – Keep your plan under wraps. Just tell your loved one “Be here on this date/time.”
  • Preparation – Have everything ready, including the tea (but be sure to keep it hot), and have that background music playing loud enough to hear but low enough for easy conversation in soft tones (humans yelling at each other over loud music is not romantic).
  • Greeting – When your loved one arrives, be sure to treat him/her with high courtesy and attention.
  • Enjoying – Serve the tea and bonbons, be sure to listen when your loved one speaks, and make meaningful responses, keep slurping to a minimum (unless that is normal for the two of you), and watch those pinkies (you don’t want to poke out your eye or your loved one’s).

Above all, treat this as a very special time for you both. Best wishes!

Selecting the Perfect Valentine Tea Gift

Gifts for Valentine’s Day let that special someone really know how you feel. Don’t forget about family, friends, co-workers, classmates, that special teacher, your boss, and that special human in your neighborhood who has been helpful. We all know a human who needs to hear that they are appreciated. And the choices are plentiful.

Click on each photo for details:

Baskets (pre-made and custom)

Even if you’re on a budget, you can say “I love you” with a gift basket, since many are priced below $20. Pre-made baskets contain teas, cocoas, candies, treats, and sometimes teawares (teapots, mugs, etc.). Who says your money doesn’t go far these days? And what a great excuse for a cozy Valentine’s Day tea moment.

Candy and Treats

Chocolates are very traditional for Valentine’s Day. And tea makes chocolate taste even more chocolaty, or so many humans have said. Of course, buying good quality chocolate and the best tea helps. The heart-shaped box also makes chocolate taste better — honest! Of course, rose-shaped chocolates and chocolate-covered pretzels can be real attention-getters. If your true love doesn’t like chocolate, go for another sweet like jelly beans and hard candies.


A Valentine tea mug says “You’re mine” year round, especially a mug that’s in red or pink. Add in some candies, a special tea or maybe cocoa, possibly some cookies, and voilà! A gift fit for your special someone all wrapped up in heart-covered plastic with a red bow and one that can’t fail to impress her or him.

Plush Toys

Something else that will last long after the tea has been drunk and the treats have been eaten: a plush toy. Of course, teddy bears are typical. Or go bananas with a plush monkey. They make the teas, candies, mugs, and treats speak even louder of your love. If your giftees are young in years as well as heart, you’ll surely bring a smile to their faces. Even older humans will grin.

Whatever you choose, the time is now to order. You don’t want to be empty-handed when that important moment arrives.

Adding a Touch of Romance to Your Valentine’s Tea Time

In addition to the tips given earlier in this guide, here are some more details on adding that touch of romance to your Valentine’s Day tea time (from your fave little teapot).

Click on each photo for details:


You can do more than just shove a bouquet in your sweetheart’s face. You can:

  • serve up tea in rose-patterned teawares
  • steep a lovely tea scented with rosebuds, petals, or attar of roses


Silver and glass teawares really sparkle, adding a great visual touch that just bellows “Elegance!” The sparkle will catch her or his eye as you pour the tea and pass the scones or other sweet treats.


Again, nothing new, but how you use them can be. A heart-shaped tray for serving that tea is one option. Another is a dish filled with those little heart-shaped candies with their cute sayings. Or a heart-shaped treat such as cute pies in jars.

Other possibilities:

  • heart-shaped coasters
  • balloons filled with helium and shaped like hearts
  • teawares with heart designs on them


For that evening teatime with your sweetheart the flicker and glow of candlelight can be very mood setting. Add in an aromatic tea and something very special to go with it such as caviar and you’ll be all set.


Put on something you know your sweetheart will like. Pick something not too loud and not too soft. The music should be in the background, not drowning out the sweet nothings you are whispering into your loved one’s ear while sipping tea.

Tea Recommendations for Your True Love

Tea is good for that romantic urge within you humans. And your fave little teapot is recommending some teas for you to give your true love.

Click on each photo for details:

Tea Is the Language of Love

Among the many claims of tea having powers most healing, soothing lovelorn hearts is certainly the most mysterious and least understood. One of the greatest love poems written was about tea. Here’s how the first draft started out:

How do I love thee,
Let me count the teas.

Of course, the final draft came out a little differently – “teas” was changed to “ways.” (I think Elizabeth Barrett Browning was a bit influenced by her editor.)

Click on each photo for details:

Tea speaks, with its various aspects, the language of love. The aroma, both of the dry leaf and in the cup, tells of a future full of promise and fulfillment, as love speaks of happiness to come and that will fill one’s life. The color of the tea liquid in its jewel-like sparkle holds the secrets of the flavor of the tea, as love holds the secrets of a yearning heart. The taste when tea first caresses tongue and then excites the tastebuds into their dance of bitter-sweet-tangy-salty is like a first touch, fingers to fingers sliding together in a loving clasp of hands.

Tea encompasses all of the aspects of love. The first tentative sip of a new tea is like the first holding of your true love’s glance. The attentive nurturing of the tea plants is like the building up of that special emotion. A growing knowledge of all of tea’s qualities (the good and the bad) and thus a deeper appreciation is like getting to know your love’s likes and dislikes and share yours. Even the joy of helping others find this same thrill of discovery and enjoyment is like playing matchmaker for your friends.

Since this is the “Month of Love,” you might want to treat that special human in your life to a nice tea time. You could both end up not only increasing your enjoyment of tea, but, well, you know… TOOOT!

A Possible 3-Course Menu for Your Special Valentine Tea Time

Click on each photo for details:

A (Possible) History of Valentine’s Day

Why do we go all through this every year? One story says that around 270 A.D. as the Roman Empire was crumbling, Emperor Claudius II banned marriage, thinking bachelorhood would make young men more willing to serve in his army, sorely needed since the empire was under siege from all sides. A cleric named Valentine at the local church, however, would secretly marry young couples who would come to him. For this disobedience, he was executed on February 14th. (Sorry, that’s not very romantic.) In the 14th century the date became associated with love. Greeting card companies took up the cause in the 1840s, issuing greeting cards that seem quite innocent and simple by today’s standards.

One final thought

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. – Helen Keller

Here’s wishing you humans a fabulous Valentine tea time and beyond. TOOOT!

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