Tea Punk Teas Brings Steampunk to Tea!

Tea vendors pop up, it seems, like daisies in a field. Where Tea Punk Teas is concerned, it’s more like a field of bluebonnets (the state flower of Texas, their home state). And those bluebonnets tend to be a bit… well, unusual. You see, owner Genevieve Dodd is into things steampunk, so those bluebonnets are more like bluehelmets! She seems to bring that touch to her tea business, too, along with able-bodied assistance from Lloyd Dodd.

Genevieve sure keeps busy. Unlike some tea vendors who see their business as a hobby or think that gimmicks are the way to sell tea, she is constantly on the go promoting those teas hither and yon, with Lloyd being along to handle the tough jobs, like preparing their steampunk teapot for racing (and winning).

A few photos from the Tea Punk Teas page on Facebook, used with permission (click on photos to see larger version and read details):

Mixing Steampunk with Tea

The growth of steampunk in the US is quite phenomenal, and Genevieve felt that tea was naturally a part of it all. The company vehicle is The RMS Dragon Fire and gets them around in style to promote the teas. And she and her “staff” are “the Tea Adventurers’ Guild.” Fun! The teas are given appropriate names such as “Airship Afternoon”- Assam TGFOP, “Gilded Cog”- Belgian Chocolate with Lemon Peel, and “Emperor’s Eyes”- Mt. Jun Silver Needle.

Genevieve dresses in steampunk garb and makes appearances with her teas at various events, including those focused on steampunk activities such as tea dueling and teapot racing. Steampunk November is a big event, drawing fans from far and wide. This is one of many events where Tea Punk Teas has set up their booth. They also supplied the grand prize for the Tea Duelling contest there.

Lloyd Dodd does a lot of the product photography, and Caitlin Dodd brings her design skills to bear in the Tea Punk Teas branding and imaging with a very steampunk slant. A cog here, a dragon claw there…

All in all, fine teas with a very stylish presentation.

We’re proud to be included on their Links of Interest page and also to have them as a site sponsor.

More About Steampunk and Tea Duelling

The whole “steampunk” thing can be confusing, but in reality it is really simple. Steampunk is a style of design that mixes fashions from the Victorian/Edwardian period (1800s to about 1910) with science fiction/fantasy. A good example is the TV series called “The Wild Wild West” with Robert Conrad. Clothing from that era gets enhanced with goggles, cogs, metallic doohickeys, and some astounding makeup effects. Some steampunkers really emphasize the sci-fi side of things while others add only a touch or two.

See some great steampunk style stuff here.

Tea Duelling is a sporty way of enjoying tea, but there are rules involved:

  • Contestants face each other across the table, ready to engage in witty and intelligent repartee liberally sprinkled with jolly humor and intriguing tales.
  • Rich Tea biscuits (cookies) on a plate are placed on the table and nobly await their fate.See our guide to biscuits for more information on these and other options.
  • The judge sits at the table, pours the tea, declares “Take tea!”, and the contest begins.
  • A minimum of 4 biscuits (cookies) must be consumed within 3 minutes while engaging in conversation about a subject selected by the judge; good manners, wit, and elegance are the procedure while they achieve the ultimate goal of a clean cup.
  • Marks are added or subtracted for posture, speech clarity and manner, being polite, holding the pinky just so while sipping the tea, and other matters that the judge finds to be matters of note.
  • After 3 minutes, judges huddle while contestants remain seated; a winner is then declared.
  • Winners may participate in the next round; non-winners must wait for the next year’s competition to enter another round but can remain as part of the audience for subsequent rounds.

Watch for a tea duelling event near you, or better yet, order some Tea Punk Teas’ teas and hold your own!

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