Little Yellow Teapot Reports: Lochan Gold a True Revelation

My humans love Assam CTC style black tea. They keep me and the Tea Gang, especially Betty Blue Teapot in her lovely cozy from Tafferty Designs (one of our site sponsors), very busy steeping up potfuls. A couple of weeks ago they saw a post on social media about a new CTC style black tea called “Lochan Gold” from another site sponsor: Lochan Tea Ltd. in Siliguri, West Bengal, India. They asked if they could try the tea, and the good folks there sent over a package. It was tea party time at our house that day for sure!

Dry leaves: CTC “nuggets”, rich aroma
Water temp: 212°F (boiling)
1st Infusion: 4 mins. if you want to add milk and sweetener

2-3 mins. if you want to drink the tea straight

Strong flavor similar to the Assam CTC black tea we love from Deep Foods, but doesn’t have the bitter edge. With milk, flavor is more malty and smooth yet a real perker upper. Have as your breakfast tea or even all day long.

Click on photos for details:

Tips for This Tea

  • Use less dry tea than you would normally.
  • Infuse for 3-4 minutes, depending on if you want to enjoy this tea straight or with milk and sweetener. Don’t oversteep.
  • Better than most CTC Assams we have tried, including our fave from Deep Foods (an Indian company).
  • If you love milk tea and/or masala chai (Indian spiced tea), try this as your tea base.

This is definitely one for your tea pantry!

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Sold as Assam CTC BP through their partners at!



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