Lochan Tea at the O-cha Festival in Japan!

O-cha festival is probably the biggest tea event in the world ceremonies under Mt. Fuji every three years and opened by Royal family member with a three day celebration in Shizuoka, Japan. Chitose Shasida of Tokyo, who had visited our India Tea Forum organized by Confederation of Indian Industries in Siliguri every two years under Mt. Kanchenjunga, represented her newly floated company Lochan Tea Japan, and we were very lucky to get a Gold Prize for Doke Silver Needle white tea.

Photos from the O-cha festival (click on each to see details):

After attending Xiamen Tea Fair in China from 20-24th October 2016 in China I was present in O-Cha festival from 27-30th October 2016 and had two great events in-between being scaling Mt. Fuji on 26th and celebrating Diwali, being our biggest festival, on 30th October in Japan with Rose Sania Wang who had specially come to Japan to help me visit Mt. Fuji, and it was her unfulfilled promise to take me there in 2011 when tsunami struck Japan on 11th March and luckily I escaped unhurt. A mission accomplished we were so happy that our Diwali 2016 became a real celebration while in India back home there was an extraordinary jubilation since we were finding our Doke teas accepted both in China and Japan because of their sweetness as well lack of astringency made them much sought after. Bihar was established on tea map with grace.

Darjeeling tea, while having a wide acceptance in Japan due to its flavors, has not been able to make an equal dent in China, maybe because of basic palate difference or the effect of pu’er (pu-erh) tea loyalty and various other reasons which are a worthy study for spreading the wings in an already Sri Lanka black tea saturated market which made its debut at least ten years earlier there.

Indian Assam orthodox teas has a close similarity to Yunnan teas, but CTC milk teas has been successfully marketed by Chinese and Taiwanese bottling companies and represents a fashion statement by the younger generation in the shadows of Starbucks, KFC, and McDonald chains that offer a large plastic cup full of sugary liquid they call “milk tea” unknown until very recently. My sojourn in China since 2004 and in Japan since 2010 has made me watch a quantum shift in tea drinking habits of different Asiatic groups in this sub-continent. It has been an interesting study for me for last twelve years and for that matter for eighteen years since I started my tea business before which for almost twenty three years I managed tea plantations in different parts of India.

A migration helps open mind and an lifelong pursuit of tea gives such heavenly pleasures that I have finally landed into a Tea Diplomacy dialogue which will make its maiden debut in World Tea Expo in Las Vegas during June 2017 with Jason McDonald of US League of Tea Growers who is involved with tea growing in the U.S.

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About the Author: Rajiv Lochan is a veteran of the tea industry with over 30 years experience, mainly in the Darjeeling area of northern India. He and his family now also run the Doke Tea Garden in Bihar, India, and Lochan Tea, Ltd., a tea vendor. He is also now serving as a “tea diplomat” with tea professionals in China. His personal site.

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