The Guide to White Teas Is Here!

Guide to White Teas is here!

A lovely lady in the UK has a blog called Pinkiebag. She focuses on reviewing teas and foods, etc., that cater to those of us sensitive to certain items such as gluten and lactose (the sugar in dairy products).

A most recent review was of a bagged and flavored white tea. The post made us here at The World Is a Tea Party shudder a bit, not because her piece had anything bad in it, but at the very thought of a white tea being (A) bagged and (B) flavored (that is, having things added to it not of the Camellia sinensis plant family). We commented on this to her, and she very nicely replied asking what we would recommend instead. How sweet! So we did: the latest award-winning Silver Needle tea from Doke Tea Garden. The Japanese gave it a gold medal, and they are very hard to please. (See the full article about it here.) Additionally, we were inspired to pull together the information we had written over the past years about white tea in general and about various white teas we’ve reviewed into one comprehensive guide.

Here’s a sampling of the different Silver Needle teas being offered (click on photos for details):

Notes on the Guide

The tea vendors who sent us the samples are not shown on the guide. Some are now out of business (in fact, one domain name still exists but is being used by someone else now) and some of the teas are no longer available (small tea vendors sometimes produce small batches to test the market, with the successes being continuing items and the others disappearing).

A lot of those selling “white tea” seeming to be attaching to a current trend in the market, especially since health claims about white tea (for skin beauty, etc.) are plentiful. However, white tea is a very specific thing in the tea world, as the guide will show. We didn’t try to cover every single one but instead to give you a sampling, focusing on the two best known types: Silver Needle and Pai Mu Tan. We welcome you input and additions, too, and will credit you wherever those additions are made to the guide. We’re not Teapedia or other sites, but your input is certainly welcome and a part of this growing compendium of tea knowledge.

As always, thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “The Guide to White Teas Is Here!”

  1. Hi,
    I can’t believe that you have mentioned me in your post. I feel quiet humbled. I shall make sure I try some white teas this year. Have a wonderful 2017 😊☕.


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