Wrapping Up 2016 and Looking Ahead to 2017

The year 2016 has been one of politics and changes, both for us and the country. And the year 2017 appears to hold more of the same. We thought a quick look back at some highlights would be good. And of course, we want to give you, dear readers, a peek at some items to come.

Highlights of 2016

First, this site went from being a tea blog, to a tea e-zine, and now a tea information site. A big change is in the planning stages for 2017, but I can’t say too much about it. As more and more tea blogs have popped up (and many more have been abandoned and just sit out there taking up server space) and since most of them present pretty much the same information (and misinformation) about tea over and over, we thought that we needed to take a step up to the e-zine level. However, that ended up taking far more time than we could manage, and the format was restrictive. Opening things up to being a site dedicated to tea information seems the way to go, and a good counter to sites out there full of tea misinformation.

Second, our site added other contributors. The very cute and sassy Lucy Redheaded Teapot (with help from her human) was the first. She and Little Yellow Teapot had got to be good friends on Twitter, so she was invited to share some tea adventures with you all here. Janet Sanchez was another to join in with some great tea recipes; her tea business is now closed but she has other great plans ahead. Aaron D. Peacener contributed an article on those lovely yixing teapots, especially a very unusual set he had recently acquired. And we even had a great article from a friend in India: Rajiv Lochan of Doke Tea and Lochan Tea Ltd. He has been a tea pro for over 33 years and now serves as more of a tea ambassador as his daughter Neha takes over the Doke Tea garden and his son Vivek heads up Lochan Tea Ltd.

Third, site contributors joined in to help support us in bringing you some of the most accurate and often the most extensive tea information available. Tea Punk Teas are a fab couple in Texas with great Steampunk style to they business, including their teapot racer. Tafferty Designs got their knitting needles busy and dressed Betty Blue Teapot (a member of the Tea Gang) in true cozy style.  Doke/Lochan also joined in. Thanks to them all, we have brought you not just short snippets about tea but some longer articles as well as our growing series of guides on different aspects of tea.

And you, our followers and loyal readers, get recognition, too. Our widget in the left column showcases you so others can see fellow tea lovers, authors, crafters, etc.

Site Stats for 2016

Top month: September, with October being close behind.
Top articles:
  1. Tea in South America and an Argentinean Group Tours Tea in India
  2. The Story of Rungneet (Kanchaan View) Darjeeling Tea Estate
  3. Guest Post: Lucy Teapot Has Some Choice Remarks About Teabags!
  4. Looking Back at Makaibari Estate Darjeeling Teas
Top clicks to:
  1. www.teapunkteas.com
  2. www.doketea.com
  3. www.etsy.com
  4. www.darjeelingtourismpackages.com

Looking Ahead to 2017

As the site continues becoming more loaded with great tea information, you will see the structure change, making things even more upfront, especially for you mobile device users.

In addition, we’ll be devoting time to telling the true story of the struggles of tea farmers around the world and the challenges they face bringing you all this wonderful beverage.

And further we are looking into a more direct way to connect you with some of our fave teas and tea vendors.

All in all, we are going to make 2017 one of the happiest, busiest, and most rewarding years yet for you and everyone within our sphere of influence in the tea world.

We hope you will join in and tell others about us. Thanks!

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