How Doke Tea’s Green Diamond Measures Up to Other Green Teas – A Little Yellow Teapot Report

The Doke Tea Garden in Bihar, a state in northern India, has been around for a few years now. And while the tea plants have been growing and maturing, so has the staff. A recent sample of their second flush Green Diamond certainly is a testament to how they have improved over the years. And their Silver Needle, having won a gold medal in Japan, is further proof that this tea garden and staff are working hard, learning fast, and making true progress (see article here). Time for this little teapot to show you how they measure up to some Chinese and Japanese green teas, generally speaking.

As you humans know, green teas are produced in most major tea growing areas of the world and even minor ones. They are considered healthy yet not always the best tasting. Many tea drinkers, though, have no idea how to infuse them properly (something we addressed in this article). The two main areas where green tea is produced and consumed are China and Japan. Ever the curious teapot (who also seeks to educate you humans), I and my humans pitted Doke Green Diamond (2nd flush of 2016) against various green teas we have tried over the years from those two countries.

Click on photos for details on how these teas compare:

General Impressions:

Versus Japanese

An important difference that could cause a marketing issue. Japanese green teas are generally steamed instead of being pan-fried for that kill-green process that stops leaf oxidation. It is this step that can largely determine the tea’s flavor profile (but certainly other factors come into play here).

Versus Chinese

A better match in a couple of ways. The Doke Green Diamond was almost certainly pan-fried, making it more similar to Chinese green teas, generally speaking.

Versus Others

This green tea is certainly better than many we have had from other areas, including Sri Lanka, other parts of India, and Hawaii (which has yet to produce a tea we found palatable).

Bottom Line

The Doke Green Diamond has great potential to succeed in the Japanese market. Or they might want to have a separate green tea type, calling it Green Wonder or something, specially processed to meet the taste of Japanese tea drinkers. Just a thought.

Have you tried this tea? If so, please leave a comment with your impressions. Thanks!

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