Tea and the Carhartt Hoodie

A snuggly warm Carhartt Hoodie is better than a ‘roo! Puzzled? Read on and you won’t be.

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Often when we think of tea time we picture women in floral dresses with hats and sometimes gloves (white cotton or delicate lace) and men in suits and ties. For me, especially if I am “taking tea” out on the deck in cooler weather, it’s my Carhartt hoodie (a hooded, zip front sweatshirt).

Yes, you doubters, hoodies are perfect for tea time. For one thing, you can spill tea on them and not run screaming to the nearest restroom to clean it off (not that I’ve ever done that!). For another, the hood is a great place to carry your box of PG Tips teabags – better than a kangaroo’s pouch (the ‘roo connection). And finally, they also convey a warm and cozy feeling that is duplicated by only one thing I know: a fresh, hot cup of tea!

I bought my hoodie at an Ace Hardware Store, which at that time was family-owned and a great place to shop for hardware, etc. Carhartt, a U.S.-based clothing company founded in 1889 and still owned by descendants of the founder, has a whole range of alternative tea time wear for those of you less inclined toward the dainty and more toward the practical. Roping calves is thirsty, dirty work, but never fear, you can scrape off the top layer of dust from your Carhartt jacket and still be fit for sipping your fave Darjeeling or Taiwanese Oolong served up in your fave sturdy mug. Weeding the flower bed? Again not a problem, your Carhartt coveralls will do just fine when you take a tea break.

No, this is not a commercial for Carhartt. I’m rooting for this and other brands of sturdier and more practical attire as being just as appropriate for the enjoyment of tea as that lovely dress from Vera Wang. My hoodie has also become the garment of choice when heading out to shop (with trusty travel mug full of tea in hand, of course!).

Shake up your preconceptions and have a casual tea time where your guests deck themselves in denim, hoodies, and a nice comfy pair of “tennies.” Who knows, your tea time could be even tastier!

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