Namring Tea Garden Shines!

Namring is one of the older of the tea gardens in West Bengal, India, that qualify as officially being a Darjeeling Tea Garden. Their teas have some reputation among connoisseurs of Darjeeling teas. We recently came across a fine one presented by one of our site sponsors (Tea Punk Teas) and wanted to pass on some background on where that tea is from.

About Namring

There are about 87 or 88 tea gardens, depending on the site you check, that can officially claim to be Darjeeling gardens. They are on sloped land in the foothills of the Himalayas in West Bengal in northern India around the town of Darjeeling for which the teas are named. The land often slopes enough to affect the taste of the leaves. Most gardens just blend leaves from the two elevations or mark them as high-grown, low-grown, or other designators. The Namring garden chose to split their garden into two based on elevation. Upper Namring is the higher quality and Lower Namring is the lesser quality. The garden sits in the Teesta valley of those Himalayan foothills and is currently owned by Darjeeling Impex Ltd. as far as we can tell.

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The town of Darjeeling was at one time under British control and used for rest, recuperation, and rehabilitation of its officers and soldiers. Once tea growing became a very possible and desirable venture in India along with the discovery that the hills around Darjeeling were perfect terroir for tea, tea garden planting began in earnest. The Namring garden was among the first, being planted in 1855.

The garden elevation ranges from 1,000 meters to 1,700 meters. Tea plants are spread over about 457 hectares. They are harvested when the tip leaves are still small and with leaf buds. About 300 metric tons are produced annually, and the quality is considered among the best. The teas are actually a blend: 3/5ths China leaves, 3/10ths clonal leaves, and 1/10th Assam hybrid. Their flavors combine for a unique taste experience. Fruity, floral, and Muscatel (the signature flavor of Darjeeling teas). The character is bold but only bitter if oversteeped.

While the first flush (March-April) are considered the best, the second and autumnal flushes are also much sought after. Overall, Namring is one of the top Darjeeling tea gardens.

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 little-ladys-love-namring-estate-darjeeling-ftgop “Little Lady’s Love”- Namring Estate Darjeeling FTGOP

This classic Darjeeling hails from the famous Namring Estate which rises up to 1700 meters high. It is a beautifully blended Darjeeling that is a light and refreshing black tea perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.

FTGOP = Fine Tippy Golden Orange Pekoe

Happy sipping!

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