Little Yellow Teapot Reports: Bryant’s Daylight Donuts Are a Very American Tea Time Treat!

Tea time has indeed become something special again for many of us in the U.S., and we add our own special style to it. No surprise, therefore, that donuts are becoming a very popular treat to enjoy with that hot (or even iced) cuppa.

Tea time started in England as a way for some humans to quell hunger pangs until dinner time. Tea was already a popular drink, so it was just a matter of adding in some appropriate foods, such as cake, buttered toast, scones with clotted cream and jam, and even more elaborate fair, working up to a full meal. Meanwhile in the U.S. the humble donut was being developed and perfected, with donut shops springing up all over. Coffee was often the accompanying beverage (American humans can be a bit off trend like that) but tea is resurging as a more popular choice. Dunking donuts is often done, and tea makes a great taste enhancer. Of course, the donuts from Bryant’s Daylight Donuts are moist enough to need no dunking. And they are tasty any time of day. Truly they are destined to be a Very American Tea Time Treat!

My visit to their store (click on each photo for details):

About Bryant’s Daylight Donuts

The Bryant family has owned this stored for a couple of decades or more. They use flour and cooking grease from Daylight Donuts (founded in 1954), which allows them then to use the name and also gives those donuts their special appeal. The décor is cozy and homey, fitting the whole idea of a donut shop, in this little teapot’s opinion. As you can see in the photos above, I scoped things out pretty thoroughly before taking in the sight of all those donuts (and bear claws, apple fritters, etc.). They are a top destination in town for humans of all ages as well as for those who want a dozen (or two or three) to share at work.

I think I will definitely need to arrange a follow-up visit here. TOOOT!

Bryant’s Daylight Donuts Facebook page.        Daylight Donuts site.

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