Little Yellow Teapot Reports: Trying Out Yet Another Tea Steeping Mug

Greetings, humans! Time for another adventure that only I, your intrepid steeper of teas and seeker of the best tea information available, can bring you. This time we pair a tea that we’ve previously tried with another of those gadgets that people think are superior to us teapots for steeping your tea. Time to see if this is true. TOOOT!

cookscompmorelogoAwhile back, my humans had the pleasure of trying a lovely tea called “Golden Yunnan.” It is a very special black tea that is as far from that bagged stuff in the grocery stores as a rare orchid is from a dandelion in your yard. (See our notes on that tea here.) We recently bought more from a local store called Cook’s Companion and More, a shop well-stocked with cookwares, serving dishes, utensils for the aspiring (as well as the expert) chef, and lots more, including some rather unique and very special food items and teas. We also bought a special steeping mug that was from the same company as the tea, so we thought it would be extra special to give it an inaugural run by steeping some of that company’s tea in it.

Click on the photos to see how the tea steeping turned out:

Some Observations on That Steeping Mug

Now that the steeping is done, as you saw in the photos above (and hopefully read the text associated with each one), I will pass along some tips on how best to use this steeping mug:

  • Know the volume of water being used so you will know the amount of dry tea leaves to use. This mug has no indicator on it, so you can fill it with water, then pour the water into a measuring cup. You should only need to do this once, so it’s a minor issue.
  • Heat water a little cooler than you would normally use for the type of tea being steeped. The lid seal and the insulation of the body are so efficient that it will keep the water hotter longer than usual.
  • Don’t overfill the mug. Water should be lower than where the plunger comes to when the handle is up fully.
  • Swirl the mug gently around a time or two during steeping (be sure the lid is twisted on firmly) to move the tea leaves through the water and keep them from clumping up at the top.
  • When sipping directly from the mug, be very careful – the water will be hotter than you think.
  • We recommend that you use the mug only when traveling or somewhere that is inconvenient for normal steeping in one of my cousin teapots. The main reason is that this and other mugs have these limits:
    • Teas will tend to continue steeping as you sip since the leaves will still be in contact with the water, so be prepared for bitterness and possibly astringency.
    • If you like to add things to your tea liquid after steeping, your best bet is to pour that liquid into a cup, avoiding making a mess inside the mug.

In conclusion, I would say in all due humility that nothing beats us teapots when it comes to steeping tea, and this mug is no exception. However, this mug will hold up better at your place of work or when travelling and be far less likely to break. The tea is also quite excellent and a real treat for my humans. Once the experiment was over, I steeped some more for them. It made them very happy. TOOOT!

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