Autumn Comfort Foods & Teas

Autumn is close at hand. But the craving for those comfort foods that are especially popular at this time of year seems to be a bit ahead of the calendar. And tea time is when that craving really kicks into high gear. Time to go exploring and see which of these will satisfy your craving.

What Are “Comfort Foods”

Some foods just make you feel so good when you eat them that they have come to be known as “comfort foods.”

Some of the best memory triggers are aromas. Just the smell of certain foods can take you back to childhood when Grandma was frying up something tasty or you arrived home from school to the aroma of cookies fresh from the oven. That is one of the aspects of these comfort foods. They evoke such homey images from the past.

Another important aspect to comfort foods is fat content. [Side note: Aaaaaaaggggghhhh – not “fat”!!] If you are dieting and find you never feel satisfied, try having a small amount of one of these foods, maybe one cookie or a half cup of macaroni and cheese, along with all that low-cal “rabbit food” that dieters are supposed to eat (and which I’ve eaten when struggling to shed those extra pounds). Alternately, you can add a healthy touch to one of these comfort food dishes. Use whole-grain elbow macaroni and margarine instead of butter, for example.

Some of the standard comfort foods (in the U.S., at least):

Many of these are especially popular in Autumn. Click on each photo to see details about it.

Comfort Foods for Your Autumn Tea Party

In addition to the above there are some comfort foods that are just right for your Autumn tea party. Here are a few (click on image to see details and teas to pair with them):

Don’t forget a little candle to set the mood! Daylight hours are shorter and temperatures are cooler, so that little flame will add a bit of light and warmth.

Teas to Go With Your “Comfort Foods”

“Comfort foods” can be a great part of your tea time, especially with the right tea.

Click on a tea photo to see which comfort foods it goes best with:

Pick a food. Pick a tea. And have a great Autumn Tea Time!

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