Tea Time Treat: Southern Chicken Salad

The wonderful folks at Cook’s Companion and More scour the market out there to find just the right cook wares, serving wares, tea wares, and more to make your cooking and dining experiences at home all the more special and memorable. Their store has become a favorite haunt, even though we have a well-stocked kitchen anyway and don’t do a lot of cooking. What is always a delight to find there is something special like this Southern Chicken Salad mix from Southern Sisters Gourmet in their store. Such a delightful treat deserves to be the center of attention at tea time. And so it was!

Preparing the Southern Chicken Salad

The package of salad mix contained dry ingredients. And the label had the recipe on it. Simple and easy to prepare. The cost per serving is about $2.00 when everything was added up.

The Grand Tea Time

While scones with clotted cream and jam, Victorian sponge cake, buttered toast, and “biccies” (the British nickname for “biscuits – what we call “cookies”) are more traditional tea time fare, special delectables like this chicken salad are also gaining ground as savory alternatives. Our patience at letting the salad properly marinate overnight was amply rewarded during our grand tea time. While my husband enjoyed a sandwich featuring this wonderful salad, I kept things light with Ritz crackers and carrot chips. Dressing up this grand tea time with the new cozy from Tafferty Designs made everything complete.


Some Final Thoughts

Some folks may be thinking that this treat is fairly pricey. After all, there is not only the cost of that mix but also the additional ingredients. Altogether we spent an estimated $15 (not including the carrots and Ritz crackers). We ended up with more than the one quart the mix label said, and the amount shown in the above photo is a bit more than I would normally have at one sitting. We expect the per serving cost to be about $2.00, as we indicated above. A small price to pay for such a flavor feast. Best yet is that it gets us out of our tea time rut with something a bit different.

For your next tea time, take a walk on the flavor side with this or some other special treat!

© 2016-2020 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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