Betty Blue Teapot Shows You How to Measure Your Teapot for a Cozy

Sizing a cozy just right for your teapot can be tricky, especially if it is being custom made by someone halfway around the world. If too small, the cozy will get handed down to a smaller teapot (the way we humans hand down our clothes from the biggest child to a smaller child). The measurements needed will also vary according to the style of cozy, a dome style being different from a snuggie, pullover, etc. All of this became glaringly clear when a knitter from Scotland was requested to make a custom cozy for Betty Blue Teapot. Thus, this guide was put together so you could benefit from the learning experience this all became for both them and us.

Betty Blue Teapot is a ceramic, 6-cup capacity teapot in a medium blue glaze. She has been on the job steeping tea for a number of years, during which time she has worn the same snuggie style cozy with Velcro fasteners to hold the top together. As the Velcro wore out, she switched to a dome style cozy, but the usual issues ensued: hot handle, and tea getting bitter from continuing to steep even though the tea leaves had been removed.

Some common styles of cozies (if the description is missing, please let us know since WordPress drops this sometimes when the article posts):

For the pullover cozy, measurements need to be pretty close (although, not down to the millimeter). Trying to be clever, we had proceeded to measure Betty all the way around horizontally and then vertically from one side of her base, up over the lid handle, and down over the other side to the base. Wrong!

Per a message from the knitter and based on the measurements we had given her, she thought that the teapot height was 15.5 inches (about 40cm). Goodness! That would have been quite a large teapot indeed. Thank goodness she checked with us before beginning.

To be helpful, she sent along these photos of how to measure Betty for a better fit  (if the description is missing, please let us know since WordPress drops this sometimes when the article posts):

So the re-measuring procedure commenced. Wanting things to be as accurate as possible, we got out the tape measure that dated back to high school sewing class. It’s one of the plastic coated kind that lasts forever, plus it doesn’t get used much here.

For a knitted pullover style cozy:

Betty Blue was roused from her rest in the teapot cupboard and put through these (unharmful – honest!) maneuvers:

  • Girth: measure the distance between the handle and spout, as was done in the above photos.
  • Height: measure from the base edge to the middle of the lid handle, as shown above.

Apparently, we did a good job since the cozy was a perfect fit, and of course the knitter did an awesome job, since the cozy turned out fabulous!

Be sure you measure your teapot just right if you plan on ordering a custom cozy for your teapot.

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