Your Guide to Tea Time “Biccies” (aka “Cookies”)

What would you humans do without us teapots to guide you in such important matters as the proper steeping of tea and the best biccies to dunk in that tea? I shudder to even think of such things. So I, you lovable little yellow teapot, have put together a rather extensive list of biccies for just such a purpose, that is, dunking in tea, or at the very least enjoying with tea. These have been gathered from several sources that are good authorities on the issue of biccie, so you can rest assured that the information in this guide is reliable. TOOOT!

Topics in This Guide

What Is a Biccie

Top Biccie Brands

How to Dunk a Biccie for Best Results

The Post-Dunk Experience

Sharing the Results of a Dunking Test


What Is a Biccie

“Biccie” is short for biscuit (from the Latin words bis, meaning twice, and coctus, meaning baked). They were once a staple diet for sea voyagers. Today, they are only baked once. In the U.S., they are known as cookies, and the uninformed British traveler to our shores tends to get a shock when ordering our version of biscuits (they describe these items as “a ‘quick bread’ resembling more of a soft British scone than a crunchy biscuit – these are often savoury and eaten for breakfast”).

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Top Biccie Brands

Rating which are the top biccie brands in the UK is a topic very likely to raise arguments and voices. The ranking attributes include the following:

  • Flavor when eaten dry.
  • Flavor after dunking.
  • Ability to absorb tea.
  • Length of time that needs to be dunked to absorb proper amount of tea.
  • Amount of tea that can be absorbed before biccie breaks.

Ranking sources:

  • Kernpack survey – Posted in December, 2014. Showed 19 top brands, gives other interesting data, such as that biccies taste 11 times better when dunked than when eaten dry.
  • com – Posted in September 2011. Listed 5 top dunking biccie brands.
  • Metro article – Posted in June, 2015. Ranked 21 brands from worst to best.
  • Daily Mail article – Posted in September, 2013. Ranked top 10 brands.
  • Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down (blog) – Post date not given. Ranked around 50 brands three different ways: favorites, regulars, and yuckies.

Not all biccies appeared on each survey. We have consolidated the lists to give you a more comprehensive view of the biccie landscape. Some of these are no longer available commercially but can be made at home. (Note: We tried to size the biscuits proportional to each other, but it’s virtually impossible.)

We present them all with their respective rankings (click each photo to see details – if no details showing, please let me know since WordPress is dropping them, usually off of last image in each group):

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How to Dunk a Biccie for Best Results

About half of all dunkers are picky and want just the right biccie. Others will dunk regardless of which biccie they are enjoying. Tea is the overwhelming favorite for dunking biccies, not milk. About one-fourth of biccie eaters have at least 3 at a time. A smaller amount would eat a whole package at one time.

Dr. Len Fisher, Bristol University, has established through diligent scientific methods that the best way to dunk a biscuit is doing so horizontally.

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The Post-Dunk Experience


This is where that spoon comes in handy. There will be breakage. Expect it and be prepared accordingly. Whatever you do, refrain from using your fingers to retrieve the errant biccie chunk now comfortably settled at the bottom of the cup. The tea will be hot – very!

Supposedly the most dangerous biccie out there is the Custard Cream according to this article.

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Sharing the Results of a Dunking Test

In August, 2015, a couple of Brits posted this well-done study comparing 12 different “biccies” and how well they dunked in tea. Hope you will take a moment to see how your fave ranked. (Images below are screen captures from their article and presented in alphabetical order, not in order of which they found to be best.)

Click each photo to see details (if no details showing, please let me know since WordPress is dropping them, usually off of last image in each group):

And there you have it – everything you humans need to know for proper biccie enjoyment at tea time. Time to start dunking. TOOOT!

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