3 Signs Your Tea Party Was a Big Success

Giving a tea party is a rather iffy thing. As host/hostess, you are sometimes unsure if that tea party was a big success or a flop. We here at The World Is a Tea Party totally understand and have been in that situation. Over time we have discovered three sure-fire signs of tea party success and wanted to pass them along here.

Tea Time Manners

Part of the success of any tea party is manners – both of the guests and the host/hostess.

  • Turn off your cell phone, iPad, iPod, etc. This is common courtesy anywhere. Exceptions, of course, are on-call medical personnel.
  • Women wearing hats can keep them on. Ditto for gloves. Men should remove both. (One of those old-time traditions.)
  • If you are unhappy with the tea and/or treats, quietly and discreetly call it to the host’s attention instead of talking about the issue loudly. This is courteous to the host as well as the other guests. Plus, they might love what you hate.
  • Keep the conversation light and pleasant and your vocal volume at a reasonable level. If you’re in one of the more “dainty” style tearooms, this is especially important.
  • When drinking from your teacup, do not lift the saucer with it. Just raise the teacup and sip, then put it back on the saucer.
  • Chew with your mouth closed and swallow before talking to save your table mates from a view of half-masticated scones and finger sandwiches, not to mention culinary projectiles.
  • Decide in a calm manner who gets that last tidbit or that last cup from the teapot. Arm wrestling is out, but a discreet game of paper-rock-scissors could be allowed.

See our article on the 18 Faux Pas at Tea Time.

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