5 Things to Do When Your Teapot Tries to Go Steampunk!

Having the folks at Tea Punk Teas become a site sponsor has inspired a certain little yellow teapot to try his hand at going Steampunk.

Tea Punk Teas strives to bring their customers the finest tea that can fit into the company armored dirigible, the RMS Dragon Fire. TPT has ventured on many amazing voyages and sampled many fantastic teas. Now they want to share those adventures and, of course, the inspiring teas collected.

  1. Be Kind, and Avoid (too much) Giggling

The tough thing for a teapot that wants to go Steampunk is avoiding that Malcolm McDowell look in “A Clockwork Orange.” It’s not only a bit creepy but can tend to make us humans giggle uncontrollably. If you find yourself in this situation, cover your mouth with your hand, a potholder, an oven mitt, or anything else handy. When you have overcome this mirthful rush, say something kind such as “Gee, that’s a most interesting outfit. Love the fake eyelash.”

  1. Make a Few Subtle Suggestions

Both males and females enjoy the fashions of Steampunk, but a little teapot may not know quite which is which. If the ‘he’ pot chooses that corseted look or the ‘she’ pot goes for that more masculine look, you might want to make some subtle suggestions. Personally, I don’t think that Little Yellow Teapot is quite ready for a corset. Plus, teapots tend to steep better when they are stout. They tend to see us humans’ desire for skinniness to be a bit puzzling.

  1. Uh, Boots Aren’t Quite…

Words fail me. The boot is certainly manly but not quite safe. That little teapot could teeter off and crack up…and that wouldn’t be a bit funny! Maybe just a jacket or a specially designed tea cozy.

  1. Be Sure the Accessories Are Right

This jacket and vest are a bit, well, oversized. Only the top of Little Yellow Teapot’s lid is showing. It’s also a bit plain. A jacket and vest can look very Steampunk, but adding the right accessories makes it even more so. Gloves, goggles, chains, and this final touch…

  1. Add That Final Touch – a Gear or Two!

Gears seem to show up in Steampunk fashion, and adding a few to a little teapot can not only give him that Steampunk look, but also make him more mobile! He went full out with the Teapot Steampunk Mobile.

Check out our friends at Tea Punk Teas and you’ll go Steampunk, too!

© 2016-2020 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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