Little Yellow Teapot Reports: The 7 Signs of Teapot Abuse

Teapot abuse is on the rise. Whether it’s a lovely pink teapot being set out in freezing cold and snow just for a human to take a photo of her, as we showed in this article, or me being gotten up from a deep sleep to steep tea for my humans (as has happened countless times), the trend is growing at an alarming rate. I, your intrepid Little Yellow Teapot and a key poster on this e-zine, have decided that the time for action and the raising of awareness is here. The first thing is to educate you humans on the forms this teapot abuse takes and the signs to watch for. The second thing is to start a world-wide movement to save my cousin teapots from such abuse (not having feet, we teapots need your help to get around to do this).

The 7 Signs (see details below):

Sign #1 – Flowers seem to be springing forth from the lidless teapot

You see a bunch of lovely flowers in what you think at first glance is a vase. On closer inspection, you notice a handle and think “Ah, a pitcher being used as a vase – how clever!” To your horror (hopefully) you then discover the spout on the other side of the “vase” and realize it’s a – gasp! – teapot being used as a vase! Very clear abuse, but certainly not the worst.

Sign #2 – A plant is actually GROWING out of the teapot

As if the indignity of my cousins being filled with water and then a bunch of cut flowers being shoved in them is not bad enough, some get filled with potting soil and a live plant! Even a teapot whose human caretakers have dropped and broken the lid beyond repair do not deserve such abuse. Plenty of other things can be substituted, such as the plastic lid from a yogurt container or even a piece of paper towel. Both keep the teapot in his or her rightful place of honor as your tea steeper. And pot those plants is what they were intended for – a nice planter!

Sign #3 – Yarn, not tea, is streaming from the teapot spout

While this little teapot realizes that you humans are a crafty bunch, there are much better ways to store your yarn than to disgrace your teapot by stuffing that yarn ball in it and threading the end out the spout. We have dignity and feelings. And that yarn tickles worse than do those tea leaves and the brushes some humans use to clean our spouts. I hear that wicker baskets just love holding yarn balls. It’s gives them a real thrill. So stop the teapot abuse while being kind to your basket.

Sign #4 – Light is emitting from an upside down teapot

Upside down and hanging from the ceiling. This is definitely not a good position for a teapot to be in, empty or otherwise. Yet, teapots being put to such abuse is increasingly common, even by humans who should know better, that is, tea shop owners! To make matters worse, the teapot has to have a hole drilled in the bottom for the wire that connects to the bulb socket. Oh the horror! And considering the multitude of ceiling light fixture options you have, this teapot abuse is totally unnecessary.

Sign #5 – Chirping noises are emitting from the teapot

Abuse for us, but good for the birdies. A teapot used as a nesting place for birdies can be rather rewarding, but a thorough cleaning after the chicks have hatched and flown away and the nest has been abandoned is needed. Not doing so is the real abuse here. Humans, always keep your teapots clean, no matter how you use us.

Sign #6 – A human is amusing his/her friends with the teapot

If you see a human blowing tea out of the spout through the top hole of the teapot, that is clearly abuse! Lift the teapot with one hand, hold on the lid with the other hand, tilt the teapot gently over the teacup, and watch that lovely tea come flowing out. Be good to your teapot and he/she will be good to you for many years and even to the next generation of tea drinkers to follow you.

Sign #7 – Worst Abuse: the abandoned teapot

Nothing is more horrible than to see a teapot with cobwebs, dust, or even various plants growing around it – a sure sign of abandonment. If you no longer want or need your teapot, find a kind human who does. We prefer this passing along to being left all alone in the dark or exposed to the elements.

See more examples of teapot abuse here (but be warned – it isn’t pretty!).

Donate to Help Prevent Teapot Abuse

Any size donation is appreciated, from a mere teabag to a whole crate of tea. It will all go to a good cause: improving the living conditions of teapots around the world. TOOOT! [Please share this article with other tea lovers so this scourge on humanity and teapotdom can be eliminated.]

See the donation form on our site. Good humans will donate and get lots of tasty tea as a reward. Bad humans will laugh and think it’s all a joke, and their tea will forever after be bitter. TOOOT!

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2 thoughts on “Little Yellow Teapot Reports: The 7 Signs of Teapot Abuse”

  1. My goodness; you teapots need protection. Maybe should set up a RSPCT? (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Teapots).


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